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Ron Paul...He's Crazy!
A close look at the Ron Paul agenda and some reading between the lines yields some startling revelations that most Americans have yet to even begin to comprehend. Prepare to be shocked!

Scientists Kill Oldest Living Creature On Earth! - Our Tax Dollars At Work
marine biologists have found what may be the oldest living animal — that is, until they killed it.

Propaganda Alert !!! - Zogby Poll: 52% Support U.S. Military Strike Against Iran
More Orwellian newspeak from the government Zogby polling puppet and controlled media! Are we being psychologically prepared to accept a near future attack on Iran? Is this another psy-op being conducted on the American people? Let's examine Zogby's findings from their own article.

Finally! - Utah Moves To Protect Citizens From Illegal Alien ID Theft
Salt Lake City - In a rare move, a state attorney general plans to begin notifying thousands of residents whom it suspects have had their Social Security numbers misused by undocumented job applicants. (read illegal aliens)

San Diego Fire vs Katrina - A Test Of Civility
The fires of San Diego are still raging round about and are only five percent contained at the time of this writing. There are similarities between New Orleans and San Diego. Both have been besieged by natural disasters (hurricane Katrina and the fires) and both are metropolitan cities. This is where the similarities seem to end though.

Ex-ACLU President Gets 7 Years For Kiddie Porn
Ah, now we know why the ACLU defends pedophiles so strenuously!
Charles Rust-Tierney, 51, was president of the board of directors of the ACLU's Virginia affiliate from 1993 to 2005 and resigned from the ACLU's board the day he was arrested. He was also the ACLU’s stalwart champion of unrestricted porn access in public libraries. (At taxpayer expense)

Ron Paul - Hey, What's the Big Idea?!!!
Do you you truly belong? When your party officials speak do they speak at you or for you? Do you feel valued by your candidates, or are they just too busy pandering to voting blocks to worry about individuals such as yourselves? Are you really at home with your party? Are your leaders doing the right thing?If you cannot...

Ron Paul - Home to the Politically Homeless
For most voters in the US in either of the major parties there is an ever increasing sense of alienation. Within both parties new factions have recently arisen and have hijacked their political infrastructures leaving many (such as myself) within their respective bases politically destitute and homeless.

"Jena 6" - What You're Not Being Told
Sometimes the story not told is as important or more important than the one being told. There is a great deal of hysteria and hyperbole surrounding this unfolding event. Tensions and rhetoric are high on both sides of the issue, but what are the hard facts? The truth is striving to be told through all of the innuendo and irrational spin.

Forbes Richest Fraud!
Every year Forbes omits the ultra-wealthy "blue bloods" who own our Federal Reserve and much, much more. We all know who they are, most of their names have become household words over the last 4 generations. Why are their names not included in the top 400 richest list year after year? Read more here

"Peru Meteor"- Scuttled KH-13 Military Satellite
This story just keeps getting stranger by the day. The available evidence strongly points to the "Peru meteorite" as being a deliberately and hastily scuttled military satellite. Let us take a closer look. Read more here

The Benefits Of Global Warming
We never hear the good news about global warming and it's counterbalancing effect to the relatively cold world from which we have only recently emerged. It's not all doom and gloom as you have been led to believe. One Canadian writer put it well when he said. "Global warming hmmm - and that negatively effects me how?" Read more here

The Apple - An Atheist's Worst Nightmare
Dear readers, have you ever wondered why the modern term for a bit of information is called a Byte? The first fruit from the information superhighway ... Read more here

US High School Bans American Flag
SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C. – On the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, students at one high school were not allowed to wear clothes with an American flag.Under a new school rule, students at Hobbton High School are not allowed to wear items with flags, from any country, including the United States. Read more here

Politics And The Pleasure Principle (Pt 2)
This is the logo of the Goals 2000 Education Curriculum implemented under the Clinton administration by then Secretary of Education Donna Sheliela, and heartily endorsed by the National Education Association. (NEA) This curriculum was hatched at the United Nations under the auspices of new ager Robert Muller. Of course He was not the sole architect, ... Read more here

Politics And The Pleasure Principle
Dear visitor, Welcome! Let me begin by asking you (the one for whom this site was made) a few questions about some of the great paradoxes of our day. These are probably questions which you have not considered, but they are critically important. What you are about to learn is probably not like anything you have ever seen or heard before. Read the article here

Feds Commandeer NORAD For Continuity Of Govt!
Santa won't have to worry about being tracked by NORAD anymore, the feds are moving in and NORAD is moving out. This is all part of the Continuity of Government (COG) - (pdf file) plan authorized by President Bush. If this doesn't raise your eyebrows then... Read the article here

Are Dams a Major Global Warming Contributor?
Don't give up that SUV just yet. A new study shows that dams are worse than burning fossil fuels! Just when you were sure it was SUV's, or livestock, or moose, or those evil babies, you get the global warming rug pulled out from underneath you for the umteenth time. The new evil is those dams! Read more here

6 Nukes Fly Over The US - Big Problems With This Story!

As the "official" story of six wayward nukes unfolds inconsistencies abound, and government reacts with absurd remedies. Government culture is not known for it's intelligence or common sense I grant you, but their reaction seems almost "Alice in Wonderland" like. Let's examine:
Read More Here

You Just Gotta See This! - Muslims Protest Cartoon!

Many protests have been sparked by yet another offensive cartoon: This is a must read! Click here

Children Ruining The Planet! - Adding To Global Warming!
Once I began reading this alarmist story I couldn't put it down. It was such a fascinating piece of fiendish propaganda I was in awe. The journalistic fraud and scientific quackery here is as stunning as it is ghoulish. Read more here

Defending your home = War on black males?
Here is a stunning bit of logic from one of our elected officials. You gotta read this. Click here for the article

Warning - They're Putting Aluminum In Your Food!!!

Aluminum was found to be toxic to the nervous system of animals over 100 years ago. Injecting aluminum into the brains of sheep was reported in 1965 to result in changes in the brain that showed a “striking resemblance” to Alzheimer's disease (AD) in people. In 1973, brains of AD patients were found to contain more aluminum ... Click here for the article

The Enemies Within

The following is a documented chronicle of internal enemies of the people and Constitution of the US. This list is not complete, and is an ongoing project. Click here for the article

If The Left And Right Had Their Way In The USA

Dear reader does the heavy hand of power in America cause you private distress? Can you feel the stress fractures growing between the government and the governed? If you answered yes to the above then you are my favorite audience with whom I would like very much to dialogue.
Click here for the article

UN: Meat The Lead Cause Of Global Warming!
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization issued a report stating that the livestock business generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined. Wow! More than all forms of transportation combined? I am speechless, not really...Click here for the article

Global Warming Crime Wave - Shocker!

Yet another horrible consequence of global warming - more crime! Oh God, why can't I be this creative?! No, you little people can't make this stuff up, only the folks at ABC can do that. You can see for yourself - Climate change offers new criminal opportunities, experts warn
The first paragraph reads as follows; To read more click here

Paradoxes Of The Global Charade Pt1
Let us examine some of the great yet little known paradoxes of our day. They will prove to be points of intense controversy once brought to light. These are paradoxes which you probably have not considered, but they are critically important if we are to gain awareness of the profound events which are shaping our world today. Read the whole article here

Hate On The Rise - Are Race Wars Imminent?

Let us begin by asking ourselves the most important question that may be asked, and indeed must be asked. Who are the haters? Is it western nations who take in hostile ethnic minorities with good will, or is it the minorities who become militant towards their gracious hosts? The west freely lavishes them with entitlements and opens their treasuries, schools, hospitals, and boundless opportunities to them ... Click here for the rest of the story

Beano And The Beast!

The global warming crowd has a real situation on their hands. It seems moose are major culprits in global warming. Of course all herbivores/omnivores such as deer, bears, ducks and more emit high amounts of flatulent methane, (the most evil of greenhouse gasses) but the moose...Read the whole article here

Global Warming Toys For Tots
Is your child apathetic or indifferent to the global warming crisis? Or even worse are they deniers? Not any more! Now you too can have these ultra trendy global warming toys for your children. You're sure to cause a sensation! But don't wait till Christmas (oops! we mean winter festival) Get 'em while they're hot! Read the whole article here

Judicial Watch - Bad Judges

Where do these judges come from? Are they from Hell? You be the judge! Thousands of Americans are victimized every year because judges like the ones listed here don't, won't or can't do their jobs. Every year thousands of rapes, DUI related deaths, murders, assaults, and robberies occur needlessly in the US and are 100% preventable. Many, if not most of these... Read the whole article here

Global Warming Schizophrenia

Sometimes I feel schizophrenic when I read all of the self-contradictory global warming studies, stories, and UN proclamations. I just don’t know how they do it! They tell us more hurricanes, less hurricanes, coral reefs grow, coral reefs shrink, and the list grows everyday. It is through the chaos of these stories that the truth is striving to be told. Read the whole article here

Warning - Global Warming Censorship!
I find it alarming that pro-global warming stories are invariably ranked higher in the search engines than the voices of dissent. What are the chances that stories debunking global warming would rank lower in the major search engines than pro-warming stories? Is it possible that global warming dissent is being suppressed? What sort of al-gore-ithms are the search engines using? Read the whole article here

Here is a real psycho-paradox. The more psychologists the more psychological problems we seem to become plagued with. We spend more money than ever and do more research into drugs to cure us than ever before. With the multitudes of drugs and armies of psychologists which have arisen to assist us you would expect our mental health to be getting better right?. What is wrong? Read the whole article here

Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish I were creative enough to make this stuff up! Just when you thought you'd heard it all. This is soooo bizarre and asinine I would have thought even it's mere mention would have been rejected. Not so. Yes you read it right, the global warming crowd are trying to blame the Minnesota bridge collapse on you and me. We make such handy villains in all of their stories. ... Read the whole article here

Media's New Magic Bullets
The AFP, a global news outlet ran this absurd story. One of the carriers of the story was Yahoo. Let's examine this sample of blatant media spin. If this doesn't get your blood boiling then you are either not paying attention, brain dead or you are on their side, but then ... Read the whole article here

Global Warming Hoax Exposed: Polar Bears In Peril
There certainly seems to be no shortage of misinformation surrounding the global warming debate. The proof is in this video.. . Read the whole article here

Global Warping part ll

Global warping (I mean warming) causes Tsunami's now! In a recent Newsweek cover story article (April 16) entitled "It's Hip to Be Green," Newsweek correspondent Anna Kuchment states with pride that young people have "woken up the the realities of global warming." She cites a survey that says a majority of teens believe we need to take "immediate, drastic" action. She also says that this generation is the first to feel the effects of climate change so dramatically because of freakish weather patterns and tragedies like the "Christmas 2004 tsunami."... Read the whole article here

Fuzzy Math of Climate Change - Astounding!

Let's take a breathtaking tour of some blatant journalistic malpractice and outright scientific fraud surrounding global warming! What you are about to read can only be categorized as propaganda, it certainly is not journalism or science! The problem is that it comes with a color of authority from "respected" media. I wonder if anyone noticed the outlandish fuzzy math used in the first global warming article below? The editor, author, and contributing scientists certainly didn't seem to notice or care. Or did they? Read the whole article here

-Heeere’s a whale of a tale - I’ll tell ya lads - A whale of a tale or two-ooo-
To be sung in a loud tenor so as not to be questioned by the sheeple!

I must say that global warming has me working overtime with all of it's contradictory claims. Here's one whale of a tale. (Pun intended)

On July 6Th 2007 ScienceDaily reported in an article entitled "Skinny gray whales swim Pacific Coast" as follows. Read the whole article here

Global Warping part l

Of course the global warming debate is known by most everyone, but how well known? Ahead we shall take a look at some extraordinary yet little known examples of hyperbole that have somehow become planks of the global warming platform. It is important to identify them, discredit them... Read the whole article here

Ron Paul...He's Crazy!

  • A close look at the Ron Paul agenda and some reading between the lines yields some startling revelations that most Americans have yet to even begin to comprehend. Prepare to be shocked!

Let's sum it up briefly. Ron Paul wants to:

  • Restore ALL eroded personal liberties - he's crazy!
  • Let you keep ALL of the money you worked for - he's insane!
  • End perpetual war - he's out of his mind!
  • Restore sound currency - he's looney tunes!
  • Restrain (via the Constitution) out of control government - he's bonkers!
  • Implement REAL free trade that actually benefits America - he's mad!
  • Secure our wide open borders - he's a vigilante!
  • Stop policing the world - he's a kook!
  • Follow the Constitution - he's a radical!
  • Restore US sovereingty - he's a nut job!
  • Stop ALL foreign aid, even to China - he's a french fry short of a Happy Meal!
  • Abolish the department of Homeland Insecurity - he's a fruit loop!
  • Abolish the unconstitutional IRS - he's daft!
  • Abolish the inept and wasteful Department of Education - he's cuckoo!
  • Abolish the CIA who installs dictators for us to fight - he's over the top!
  • Stop illegal immigration - he's out to lunch!
  • Abolish the Federal Reserve who causes economic crashes - he's a maniac!
  • Have peaceful relations with other nations - he's a monster!
  • Stop installing brutal US puppet dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Mushariff, Aristeed, the Shaw of Iran, Noriega, and George W. Bush - he's a fiend!
  • End all aid and backing to our beloved tinpot dictators - he's ghoulish!
  • Eliminate government waste - he's dangerous!
  • Make hundreds of thousands of government bureaucrats go earn an honest living and stop harrasing the American people - he's my hero!

    I marvel at how the pundits and the deluded masses heartily defend our out of control government. They argue for their own enslavement. It's OK to come off of the oppressive government plantation! I realize most people are afraid of the real change that Ron Paul offers. Freedom, and peace, and true prosperity will NOT hurt you I promise.

    Get ready for some real shock and awe when Ron Paul turns this nation around. We will again be the envy of the world instead of the outlaw.