Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Warning - Global Warming Censorship!

I find it alarming that pro-global warming stories are invariably ranked higher in the search engines than the voices of dissent. What are the chances that stories debunking global warming would rank lower in the major search engines than pro-warming stories? Is it possible that global warming dissent is being suppressed? What sort of al-gore-ithms are the search engines using?

Just what are search engine algorithms? They are a set of rules, used to search the web for the keywords of the term that you input. They are likewise the criteria for ranking websites and webpages according to keyword density and placement within the text of that site. Exactly how a particular search engine's algorithm works is a closely-kept trade secret.

Is dissent being suppressed? Try this experiment for yourself sometime. Google these keywords; global warming + Polar Bears. Do you see any dissenting articles on the supposed plight of the polar bears on the first page? The top ranking story can be seen here at the DailyMail.UK it even shows Polar Bears (see below) supposedly stranded on ice with an ominous headlie: Global warming sees polar bears stranded on melting ice

This photo was debunked long ago but they still use it to to promote a lie. See my article Global Warming Hoax Exposed: Polar Bears In Peril. Although these stories were debunked and exposed as frauds Google has them in higher ranking than all dissenting articles.

This is the just one example of the global warming journalistic fraud which we have come to expect. What are they teaching in journalism school these days?

Let’s try another search just to help confirm my point a little more concretely. Google this; global warming + earth explodes. These global warming articles make the dire predictions that the earth will explode and become another asteroid belt in the solar system. Of course all articles published in support of this asinine claim are ranked higher than those disproving it.

As we have seen in the instances above one cannot argue that the search engines rank publications based upon truth or sound science. They seem to be ranked according to politically correct hysterical trends. Are they helping to push an agenda?

Perhaps some of you are saying to yourselves that maybe, pro-warming webmasters are more savvy when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and are therefore smiled upon by the search bots. As a webmaster I know how capricious the search bots are. You can have hundreds of keyword rich pages of content with lots of relevant inbound links and still not do as well as a site with only a few pages of relevant content. This is a well known source of frustration for webmasters around the world. Good index rankings for keywords are very difficult to achieve.

How is it that pro-global warming publications consistently get higher rankings? There are tens of thousands of global warming articles published on the web both pro and con. It defies logic and common sense that only the articles supporting global warming are highly indexed. Well, that is unless you know what’s going on.

When we take a look at the alliances between the global warming crusaders and the search engines it all suddenly becomes clear.

No, I’m not talking about some unknown, murky and bizarre conspiracy theory. Google, Yahoo, and to a lesser degree MSN have a long established track record of censoring the Internet. Can we say communist China? Yes, global warming faithful (and un-faithful), the search engines do regularly censor the Internet. See Here and Here and Here and Here and Here. There are many more documented instances of the un-holy alliance between search engines and government censorship. I could have literally cited pages and pages of sources such as above, but I don’t want to belabor a point that is really common knowledge anyways.

Did you know that in much of Europe the search engines filter out all information that runs contrary to the establishment’s version of the Holocaust of Nazi Germany? Why would they do this? I know, I know, you are saying that every aspect of the Holocaust is a fact, so opposing points of view should be censored out. Right? WRONG!

Censorship is always wrong!

ISPs such as AOL (but, certainly not limited to AOL) also censor the Internet. If your site does not comply to the politically correct winds of the day ISPs can and do punitively censor and sanction websites in the form of bandwidth restriction and other restrictive measures. There is a powerful compulsion on part of website publishers to comply and be more PC. This again is CENSORSHIP!!! For further documentation see Here , Here and Here.

After Al Gore left the White House in 2001. He was hired on as a member of the board of directors of Apple Inc. and also serves as a Senior Advisor to Google Inc. Sort of strange and convenient bedfellows in light of the fact that Al Gore (“inventor of the Internet”) is the major crusader in the global warming war effort.

I don’t know how the search engine al-gore-rhythms always seem to index pro-global warming stories higher than those that rightly debunk various claims. Could it be that Al Gore is influencing the major search engines? He is after all a Senior Advisor to Google the most used search engine in the world.

As far as I can tell I am the only one who seems to have noticed this blatant censorship of the internet. Where are the "concerned" voices of the ACLU or other so-called watch dog groups?

So far we have seen that the search engines rank published articles not based on truth, scientific validity, keyword density, relevant inbound links, site popularity, or any of the attributes that we might expect. The only other alternative is that the search engines are deliberately calibrated to favor pro-global warming publications. This is obvious censorship.

Of All The Tools Of Tyranny Censorship Is The Most Evil

So much for Googles hypocritical slogan; "Don't be evil"