Saturday, August 18, 2007

Global Warming Hoax Exposed: Polar Bears In Peril

Another Global Warming Hoax Exposed: Polar Bears In Peril - On The Brink Of Extinction

I don't want to elaborate on this expose too much for fear I may take away from the overall message of the video below. The message here is loud and clear. The global warming fanatic fringe will concoct, foment, advance, endorse, coddle, and promote any lie no matter how brazen or manipulative in order to further their agenda. The proof is in the video below.

Now we should be asking; why don't we see any reporting exposing this outright fraud? Why isn't anyone confronting Al Gore on this inconvenient lie? Are forces conspiring? You bet!!! When the truth is suppressed on such a large scale as seen in the video above you can be sure much mischief is well afoot.

So, we can be good global citizens and just pretend not to see the truth here, or we can acknowledge it and tell those we care about. Tell them the truth. They/we are being indoctrinated!

The global warming crowd lies, deceives, and manipulates the masses (as seen in the articles on this blog) constantly and unashamedly. This is not the spirit of love or caring. They are not lovers of truth or even their fellow man as they would have everyone believe. In all forms of human relations love and respect are built upon the foundations of truth and transparency.

They are like an abusive spouse who when caught in lies attack out of fear of being exposed. Their position is based in fear and loathing of their fellow man. Just listen to the way they indict humanity for all of the worlds problems real or not. You never hear anything positive about humanity from them. They are the haters!

Remember that if the good people do nothing the abusive fanatics will win just as Hitler proved. Silence is consent!





mrgoogle said...

So what if the polar bear pics a hoax! While you are spliting hairs the world is dying!

alastair said...

the fact that you are being lied to should raise alarm bells.
what is the motive for lying?
If someone is telling the truth there should be abundant REAL evidence to prove the point.
the fact that they need to lie strongly suggests that there is no REAL evidence to support their claims.
Imagine if faked evidence was used against you in a court of law and the judge and jury all said "so what if the evidence is fake? You're guilty and everybody just knows it."

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I thing that global warming is not a hoax, because there are too many evidences that prove this, and I respect your viewpoint, but in this case I think you are wrong.

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