Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too Big To Fail - The $$ Titanic

To those of you with ears to hear,
The banksters they have lied!
All hands... now hear this!

Not too many years ago,
The banksters gained control,
Of our precious ship of state,
And took away our gold.

Our ship of state was strong,
The envy of the world,
The banksters came along,
A new mandate unfurled.

"We do not need sound currency,
That is sooo old hat!
'stead good faith and credit!
How do you like that?"

"Good faith and credit!"
Economists did salute,
No more gold or silver,
Never ending loot.

"We've now a debt based currency,
It's just TOO BIG TO FAIL!
Anointed experts all agreed,
$$ Titanic did set sail.

Once at sea emboldened,
The banksters hatched a plan,
To inflate the currency,
And stole from every man.

The fractional reserve,
And other corrupt schemes,
Where banksters loaned out dollars,
Way beyond their means.

“God help us!” warned the wiser men,
"Everyone's gone mad!"
The media and captain's crew,
Were in the bankster's bag.

"Shut up you fools!" The media scoffed,
At those who tried to warn."
Don't you know that we have,
A braver new world born?"

Amongst Titanic's privileged,
They all laughed with glee,
Jeering at the wiser men,
And lived deliciously.

Aristocracy it's said,
The meanest mortals known,
Strutted on the promenades,
And lived for self alone,

The lower class government schooled,
Doomed to haunt the hold,
Dumbed down and only knew,
The lies the government sold.

Those in the lower decks,
Didn't seem to care,
Long as bread and circus,
With a little change to spare.

The mid class though was different,
They were slowly catching on.
Some listened to the wiser men,
And began to see the con.

The captain and his crew,
They were the bankster's tools.
All of them bought and sold,
And ran that ship of fools.

The banksters had amassed,
Unprecedented wealth,
And ruled the good $$ Titanic,
With iron-fisted stealth.

The banksters and the captain's crew,
All criminally insane.
All were certifiable,
Any crime for gain.

They hated all their fellow man,
A premeditated plot.
Control the goal they had in store,
A treasonable lot.

Enroute to the brave new world,
We will promise CHANGE!
"The old ways are no good" they said,
The deck chairs rearrange.

The crowds cheered as chairs were changed,
To them this was a must.
Others though just shook their heads,
In bemusement and disgust.

For they knew all to well,
That change was just a con,
To control us and distract us,
From what was going on.

The change the dupes demanded,
Brought taxes and new fees,
And chairs must be controlled,
By the armed police.

The cruise itself went well at first,
Despite the bankster's tools.
But debt began to pile up quick,
By the greedy and the fools.

$$ Titanic is "TOO BIG TO FAIL"
"We'll make the new world safe"
The banksters laughed as they grew rich,
As the rest were laid to waste.

The wiser men warned of a fall,
It's imminence was near,
'stead the people scorned and scoffed,
Few would even hear.

And then upon one fateful eve,
I always will remember,
Parties raging round the ship,
A sudden deadly tremor.

Few felt the shudder at first,
It quickly was dismissed,
Titanic is "too big to fail",
And parties can't be missed.

The cause was not so clear at first,
To captain and to crew.
They searched around for answers,
But didn't have a clue.

Then reports from below,
"We've got water comin' in"
"Hmm.., how do I relay this?
Help me find the spin."

The captain consulted with his crew,
And conspired on this spin,
"All is well, it's just the pipes,
Leaking from within."

The people cheered the gallant crew,
So able and adept,
Although the ship was sinking,
Even as they slept.

$$ Titanic she did take on debt,
At quite dramatic speed,
They lamely tried to stop it,
But never did succeed.

The captian's favor waning now,
As $$ Titanic took on debt,
"We need someone to give us change!"
And change is what they'd get.

A vote went out amongst the dupes,
To elect another Cap.
He'll bring us lots and lots of change,
And other feel-good sap.

The new Cap had to tell the folks,
The ship was going down,
But, that there might be a way,
If they didn't want to drown.

"First of all I'll need a crew
To get us out this mess"
They were the same old suspects,
Just as you might guess.

Titanic now did list to port,
"Bail with all your might!
Bail into the starboard side,
That'll make her right."

"Bail water in -
It's the only way!"
They all saw the "genius",
And quickly did obey.

"This'll sink us faster"
The wiser men did say,
"Shut up you fools and help us bail,
There is no other way."

Inflation was a mess by now,
The bailing did much harm.
Life vests cost a million,
The banksters safe and warm.

"We must seize control" Cap said,
"Capitalism' failed,
"You know it's for the common good."
Tyranny unveiled.

The Cap's fans, a loyal bunch,
A cultish restless throng.
They all walked in lockstep,
The Cap could do no wrong.

To speak against the Cap,
Would not be very smart,
For peace was on their cultish lips,
But war was in their heart.

The wiser men did spread the word,
That "We had been Shanghaied."
Wisdom ne'r did prevail,
Common sense had died.

Those of them demanding change,
Were quick to place the blame.
"Those who clung to their old ways,
Should hang their heads in shame!"

"Capitalism brought disaster,
It's greedy, corrupt ways,
Yes we can. We'll spread the wealth",
All their eyes aglaze.

Those banksters loved to "spread the wealth",
By this were fortunes built.
Each bailout filled their Swiss accounts,
And filled them to the hilt!

The wiser men had tried to warn,
$$ Titanic would become,
Stratified, rich and poor.
A teeming, angry slum.

Militant factions did rise up,
A coalition of the manic.
'Twas The goal to rest control,
Of the sinking $$ Titanic.

Uncivil war did break out,
As per the banksters plan,
The gutter would rise to power,
No place for an honest man.

Life became easy to take,
For it was seen as cheap.
Long as it was not their own,
It took no moral leap.

The uncivil war left many dead,
The evil ones prevailed,
The banksters they would have their way,
Righteous men had failed.

Now when the ship did list again,
The banksters seized the day.
"We've thought this through long and hard
There IS a better way!"

The people oh so desperate now,
Would go for anything,
No matter how draconian,
No matter what it bring.

"To save our ship,
We must embrace universal notes
A common global currency
One that surely floats."

They traded in their currency,
The idiot and knave.
Pennies on the dollar,
Were all the banksters gave.

The wiser men did protest,
The bankster's bold new heist,
An official kleptocracy,
Now the new zeitgeist.

"Tyranny is always born,
In troubled times as this.
They create the problem,
And give an oppressive fix."

"There is no tyranny!" cried Cap,
You're standing in the way
Of a promised brave new world.
And a better day."

Now, Cap he knew the wiser men,
Were on to all he did,
"I must think of something quick,
To keep my actions hid!"

"We have a threat that we MUST stop
I know you'll all agree,
Seize those who spread lies and hate,
It's downright mutiny!"

The mob they cheered on hearing,
The Cap's new decree,
Vengeance would be theirs they said,
No more mutiny!

The wiser men were rounded up,
Accused of spreading hate,
They were thrown overboard,
The Cap had sealed their fate.

"The haters are now gone" said Cap,
But we must be aware,
There still are those among us,
Our views they do not share.

"So find them out report to me,
This cancer must be cropped,
We'll right the good Titanic,
All haters must be stopped!"

The cult of Cap acted quick,
The haters they did seize,
Those who clung to their old ways,
Were cast into the seas.

The banksters let a ghoulish laugh,
Their enemies now dead,
The dupes had done their dirty work,
Safely in their stead.

Alas the ship did right herself,
With all the haters gone,
Solid proof the Cap was right,
And all the haters wrong.

The dupes they felt better now,
Their nemeses removed,
They killed the only friends they had,
And everyone approved.

Then the bow did start to plunge,
Into the hater's grave,
"The Cap was right" the band played on,
To idiots and knaves.

Just before $$ Titanic sunk,
The banksters filled life boats,
With all the gold they'd plundered,
And left their worthless notes.

"It was a con too big to fail"
The banksters ghastly gloat,
$$ Titanic sunk beneath the waves,
And Cap he rowed the boat.

To those of you with ears to hear,
The banksters they have lied!
All hands... now hear this!