Wednesday, August 15, 2007


-Heeere’s a whale of a tale - I’ll tell ya lads - A whale of a tale or two-ooo-
To be sung in a loud tenor so as not to be questioned by the sheeple!

I must say that global warming has me working overtime with all of it's contradictory claims. I have plenty more postings forthcoming. Here's one whale of a tale. (Pun intended)

On July 6Th 2007 ScienceDaily reported in an article entitled "Skinny gray whales swim Pacific Coast" as follows.

"An unusually high number of skinny gray whales are being seen from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest, it was reported Friday.

Thus far this year, there hasn't been a decline in gray whales but this is the scrawniest they have been since malnourishment and disease claimed a third of their population in 1999 and 2000, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Scientists (here are those pesky unnamed scientists again!) suspect the same thing may be happening now that triggered the die-off then: rapid warming of Arctic waters where the whales feed.

Whales depend on fat-rich crustaceans to gain enough weight for their long southerly migration. As Arctic ice recedes, there are fewer crustaceans on the floor of the Bering Sea."

There are a few problems with this report as we shall see. Firstly, when a third of their population in 1999 and 2000 died of malnourishment and disease it was cooler then and there was more ice in the arctic supposedly. If global warming is progressive then how did the whales make such a great comeback after 2000? But this is just the tip of the self-contradictory iceberg. There's something fishy here, now stay with me. The best is yet to come.

On June 8Th 2007 ScienceDaily reported "Endangered whales make comeback" Here they are talking about a different species. This species is the Humpback whale which is also baleen and feeds on the same krill that the Grey whales feed on. Not only do they eat the same crustaceans but they feed in the same waters in the arctic.

Humpback whales range the Pacific and Atlantic while the Grey whales only range the Pacific, however they do feed in the same waters in the Pacific and Arctic. Why isn't global warming adversely affecting the Humpback whale population?

Why the reckless and irrational haste by unnamed scientists to blame skinny Grey whales on global warming? The answer is propaganda. Any adverse event in the environment must be linked to global warming. The extremes to which they will go are breathtaking to say the least. For example: it is getting cooler in the southern hemisphere, the conclusion? GLOBAL WARMING OF COURSE! Now the global warming true believers are saying that the lack of hurricanes these past two years is caused by global warming. This is normally pure insanity and poor propaganda, but it works wonders in a dumbed down world.

Now here's the real tell. Both of these articles were released by United Press International, an ever prodigious fount of paradoxes. Why doesn't a "respected" science journal such as ScienceDaily ask these questions and examine the evidence instead of just taking UPI's (obviously a non-scientific news body) articles raw? Should they have caught this paradox or was it just a fluke?

One might suppose this would discredit ScienceDaily and the UPI. Never fear they have more than enough of those unnamed global warming scientists to prop them up and tell us what to believe!

Please vote in the surveys or post some comments. Let us hear your thoughts on this matter. Thank you!





joanjet said...

Maybe the grey whales are sick due to global warming! Did you ever think of that? They are sick from something. You cant rule out global warming just because there seems to be a conflict with another type of whale. When will you ppl wake up!

Anonymous said...

Joanjet, it is you and your black hearts (global warming disciples) who are the ones who need to wake up! Stop defending obvious lies already.

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