Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Global Warming Schizophrenia

Sometimes I feel schizophrenic when I read all of the self-contradictory pro-global warming studies, stories, hysterical rants, and UN proclamations. I just don’t know how the GW faithful do it! They tell us more hurricanes, less hurricanes, coral reefs grow, coral reefs shrink, and the list grows everyday. It is through the chaos of these stories that the truth is striving to be told. It tears little by little through the weave of their web which has caught many unawares. As much as they try, they can't mend their web of deceit forever.

Let's take a closer look at how abundant these self-contradictory claims are within the GW cult. The list below is not complete, their dire and contradictory claims are too many to count. However this will give us good insight into the schizophrenia of the GW faithful.

Normally a good movie producer will hire a professional (Script Continuity Editor) to ensure the
integrity of the story line. Making sure that the message and historicity of the movie are accurate and do not conflict with the facts either external (real world) or internal (story line). Now the continuity is important in the script because we want to stay in the same universe as our viewers.

You wouldn't want to have say, a WW ll fighter pilot flying a P-51 Mustang one minute and when the camera comes back around he's flying an F-15c Eagle. Or, you wouldn't want that pilot dying in an aerial combat scene, but is shown alive and well back on base minutes later. Yet, this is exactly what is happening in the different universe of the global warming cult. Even if they knew, the faithful are not allowed to talk about it, or even let anyone else talk about it.

I will get tons of hate comments from the cult faithful for bringing this up, but it is a matter that cannot be overlooked if we are to even pretend to be open-minded. They hate, yes hate anyone who has any objection to their sacred sacrament of global warming. This is for your eyes. They will not see as they have been blinded by so called "science."

99 percent of the faithful will not have read this far and will have just jumped to post nasty comments or hastily click away. Their pathological disdain is really a phenomenon of recent history. The only other parallel of such zealous hate would be the Nazis of pre-WW ll Germany. Surely you have seen or felt their fangs of criticism in comment boards and on their websites.

What is the essence of our controversy? Stay with me for an expose which will prove profoundly penetrating and sound in conclusion.

Firstly, let us agree on a few necessary points. (Sometimes called the rules of logic)

1. Truth is that which cannot contradict itself.

2. Truth is that which is.

Now, let us reason together. If (in the real world) we have information that is self-contradictory then we know that it cannot possibly be true.

Ahead we have a list of contradictory claims by various global warming "experts." Each item has a link which I hope you will follow to see their claims in their own words for yourself to verify that I am giving you accurate information.

Predictions of global warming "experts" - Take your pick

avalanches reduced, or avalanches increased,

coral reefs grow, or coral reefs shrink

desert advance, or desert retreat,

Earth slowing down, or Earth spins faster,

fish catches drop, or fish catches rise,

forest decline, or forest expansion,

glacial retreat, or glacial growth,

hurricanes increase, or hurricane reduction,

ice sheet growth, or ice sheet shrinkage,

plankton blooms, or plankton loss,

rainfall increase, or rainfall reduction,

salinity reduction, or salinity increase,

snowfall increase, or snowfall reduction,

trees less colorful, or trees more colorful,

The "experts" claim that their climate change models have vindicated them and proven global
warming is a fact. Why do they say this? Because, they say the predictions made by their climate models have been so very accurate.

Now watch this carefully, for some folks this is tough stuff. Let's use a bit of the logic we hopefully learned by the time we graduated kindergarten. If you make computer predictions that a coin will come up heads or tails when it lands you will be right 99.9999% of the time. This is exactly what they have done with global warming. When there is a drought it is global warming. When there is a flood it is climate change. When it is unseasonably hot it is global warming. When there is a cold snap it is climate change.

It is important to note that the words used cover all possible contingencies. Notice that in the
winter when there is a cold snap they do not blame it on global warming, no, now it is climate change. This is sophistry meant to keep the faithful from questioning their own hallowed theory. What possible motives can we assign to these word games? It can only be deliberately planned deception.

Someone has thought this out. It cannot have happened spontaneously out of relative chaos.
Everyone (the faithful) seems to understand the rules of the word games of global warming somehow. How can this be? The faithful were never taught this in any classroom or forum. This can only be the result of brainwashing. If so, the planning must have been even more thorough than we have given the architects credit for.

Now the show stopper. The part I know you were waiting for. If "scientific" claims or
predictions are self-contradictory then they cannot possibly be based on the truth.

Global warming, or climate change can only have been an engineered hoax.


myeisha said...

what, and the other side doesn't have contradictains? you are a hypocrate! the science is right and it suports global warming! or cant you read?

Anonymous said...

My best guess is that it is made up by the nuclear industryto sell their toxic plants all over the world. What an Orwellian doublethink, that Chernobyl power can save us from "deadly" nature.
Balderdash!!! As for safety, the safety mechanisms were switched off at Chernobyl, so no nuclear power is safe or clean.

Ben Gaia, New Zealand. Ben Gaia, New Zealand.

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