Thursday, August 30, 2007

Paradoxes Of The Global Charade Pt1

Paradoxes Of The Global Charade Pt1 - The Mass Indoctrination Phase

Let us examine some of the great yet little known paradoxes of our day. They will prove to be points of intense controversy once brought to light. These are paradoxes which you probably have not considered, but they are critically important if we are to gain awareness of the profound events which are shaping our world today.

These paradoxes have hidden in plain sight until now. The media pays them no attention whatever as if to suppress them. Why you may ask? Simply because the mention of them will upset many cherished apple carts. Our perverted social-political fabric demands that these little known self-contradictions never be brought to public knowledge. It is a sort of global charade being played out before eyes that are willing to see. To most everyone else there is nothing amiss, life goes on without questioning or even caring.

What you are about to read will either cause a new light of reason to go on or you will click away cursing me with all your liberal might and label me a hate filled heretic.

We tend to filter and judge the world around us by our preconceived ideas. These ideas or world views will largely determine how we view a certain topic or set of topics. For instance, if you are a secular progressive and believe that there is no truth then any belief system will be fair game as long as it does not conflict with your world view. How many times have you heard these worn out phrases:

1. There are no absolutes! The progressives and anarchists love to proclaim this as though professing themselves to be wise. This statement is itself both absolute and self-contradictory therefore it cannot be true.

2. There is no truth! They love this gem. Why bother saying it? If they are right, then their statement cannot possibly be true.

The point of bringing this up is to identify false logic and bad philosophy. Multitudes of college students have fallen for this terrific nonsense and had their world views altered.

"The mind that is altered, alters all"

It is by knowing this first that we will ever be able to reconcile or fathom some of the perplexing behavior and beliefs of the ultra left and other radical institutions. Likewise we will also be able to spot the charlatans more readily.

Ahead we will take each paradox one by one. While doing so please compare this with your particular world view, then compare with the world view promoted by the propaganda machine we call the major media. You may find that some of your ideas are not really your own.

Comrade Stalin (perhaps the most brutal and despotic dictator ever known) gave us a clue. (see above)

Our goal is to separate truth from propaganda. As you will see Western nations have been indoctrinated into believing falsehoods - lies. At this point you far left leaning types may still be mentally protesting that there is no truth, please stay tuned.

Let's use the time tested rules of logic used for ages to assay virtually any subject for truth. Don't bother turning to the hallowed halls of academia for verification of these axioms. You won't readily find them unless you can find a text book on logic from the 80's or before. The notion of truth has somehow become politically incorrect, and has been expunged from the very halls which should have been it's protector. (Quite a paradox in itself) These axioms of logic have fallen from popular use in modern times, but I assure you they are just as valid today as they were centuries ago. They are simply:

1. The truth is that which is.
2. The truth cannot contradict itself.

There you have it-the acid-test formula for truth. By applying these two axioms of logic we may ascertain the truth claims of most any real world matter.

Firstly we shall examine a short list of some of the more "trivial" paradoxes just to get the brain engaged and tuned into thinking critically.

#1 - There are more psychologists than ever in history to deliver us yet we have more psychological problems than ever.

#2 - Far fewer people are smoking tobacco today, and there is significantly less second hand smoke yet we have more lung cancer than before.

#3 - With over one trillion dollars per year spent on more communications devices and services people are more lonely than ever.

#4 - Pharmaceutical companies crank out more drugs to cure us everyday and we wind up with more diseases.

#5 - There are more health products and weight control programs than ever in the history of civilization yet we keep getting more overweight.

Hopefully as you read the paradoxes above you asked yourself "how can this be happening?" What conclusions can we draw from the paradoxes presented above using the rules of logic we learned earlier? Let's take each point from above and briefly deduce.

#1 Psychologists are not helping to alleviate mental illness. It would seem they are contributing to mental illness. Indeed the American Psychological Association finds (invents) new mental diseases, disorders and syndromes almost daily to diagnose therefore guaranteeing we never get better.

#2 Since we know that two thirds of those who get lung cancer are non-smokers and fewer people smoke today than in the past 100 years lung cancer must have other major causes besides tobacco. Yet the public has been led to believe that tobacco is the leading cause of lung cancer. Is this propaganda?

#3 Individuals are more well connected with others (by artificial means) than ever, yet they are lonelier than ever. Conclusion:Communications devices do not relieve loneliness, nor are they a substitute for intimate human contact as many claim.

#4 Pharmaceutical companies come up with drugs that are largely ineffective. More drugs does not mean better health for society in general. Why doesn't anyone in the media point this out? Are we again being indoctrinated? Is there a profit motive?

#5 Weight loss programs and health gimmicks do not work. We have misplaced our faith in technology. Again I will ask, why aren't we told to stop wasting our time and money on these scams? What is going on?

Are you beginning to see a common thread in the paradoxes we have briefly examined above? Behind each of the examples above lie powerful money interests that rely upon indoctrination to keep us on their perpetual treadmills. To cure problems such as mental diseases, obesity, cancer, or loneliness is anathema to them. Don't expect the truth from the media who runs their ads and derives most of their income from these mega corporations and powerful interests.

When was the last time you saw the major media expose the myth of weight loss gimmicks, or the ineffectiveness of modern psychology?

Now let's take a look at some more paradoxes but this time I want you to reach your own conclusions. They are:

More money on education than ever before and yet the highest illiteracy rate in US history.

More money on the decades old war on drugs and more illegal drugs than ever.

More money on the war on poverty and more poverty.

More drug abuse programs and more drug abuse than ever.

More breast cancer prevention and detection yet more breast cancer.

More cholesterol awareness, drugs, and prevention yet more heart disease.

Are we being told the truth? Or, are we being systematically lied to? Again each of the points above involve multi-billion dollar enterprises both private and government sector.

Ahead we will be looking at many more paradoxes which will expose many more of the insidious lies and manipulation deliberately targeting the public at large.

Please come back for a more penetrating examination of the global charade in part two of this series.




gerta said...

Very interesting to say the least, I never thought of things this way before. There is a powerful propaganda machine feeding us our thoughts. Can't believe I never noticed it before.

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