Monday, August 20, 2007


Here is a real psycho-paradox. The more psychologists the more psychological problems we seem to become plagued with. We spend more money than ever and do more research into drugs to cure us than ever before. With the multitudes of drugs and armies of psychologists which have arisen to assist us you would expect our mental health to be getting better right?. What is wrong?

Take a look at this finding in the July issue of the journal Psychological Science: "Rugged American individualism could hinder our ability to understand other peoples' point of view, a new study suggests.

And in contrast, the researchers found that Chinese are more skilled at understanding other people's perspectives, possibly because they live in a more "collectivist" society."

Let's translate - Ignorant insensitive Americans, very wise empathetic communist Chinese.

Let's refute - These "understanding communists Chinese" murdered at least 60 million in the name of communism. Did I mention slave labor camps, live organ harvesting, forced sterilization of women, persecution of Christians and Tibetans, and the self-induced oppression of 1.3 billion people. (A population of that size cannot be oppressed with out their consent) Now you would think that with all of China's outstanding atrocities past and present they would not even be in the running for their supposedly superior ability to understand other peoples' point of view. But not with the insane secular progressive American Psychological Association (APA)

These are the same Chinese who after 911 made movies and video games celebrating the slaughter of Americans. Sales of the games and movies were in the tens of millions and were/are very popular within the general population. Is this empathy? Is this relating to others? Or, is this ghoulish?

Let's deduce - The APA is insane. Did I mention psychotic? This cannot be understated! Proving the old proverb: “The mind that is altered, alters all”

When I was in the army (82nd Airborne Division) we had a saying. "You can only go as fast as the slowest man." We all had to be fit because the unfit would slow us down and perhaps get us killed. The analogy here to the APA should be clear. If they are leading the psychological way and they are unfit then it follows that we will be unfit as well.

Of couse there are many stories such as the one above which I could have chosen, but I have to be brief so we can get to frying the bigger fish.

In the past three decades the APA has added literally thousands of mental disorders, character disorders, syndromes, and personality disorders to their books. Likewise the pharmaceutical companies have added nearly the same number of drugs for us to purchase from them.

In concert (emphasis on the con) the APA and pharma tell us we have mounting disorders and diseases, but fortunately they are here to save us. The unwitting media fall for these self-promoting scams. The masses believe what they are told without questioning.

Let's take a look at some of the APA-pharma propaganda. This from Newsweek -

Dear readers the following Newsweek cover should send a good fright through everyone. Here they are telling us that we may all be crazy. Notice how the question is put in the affirmative suggesting an affirmative response. This is a liminal suggestion unlike a subliminal suggestion. It is within the threshold of the consciousness, but not readily discernible. In the article the answer to our problems will be drugs (of course) to medicate us. To “save” us.

“God save me from those who want to save me”

Did it strike you as it did me that their arrogance knows no bounds of decency? To strongly suggest that we are all crazy when they don’t even have a definition of what is normal is not only arrogant, but hypocritical. This is also very convenient that they don’t have a definition of what is considered normal, that way they can deem virtually any behavior abnormal. (crazy) Given their extreme and irrational bigotry toward Christianity I believe it is quite plausible they may begin labeling as crazy and perhaps drugging those who are politically incorrect when the political climate warrants. Articles like the one above set the stage for my assertions. The public has been pre-indoctrinated to the possibility that we just may all be crazy, especially those who disagree with the government. Given the right situation people can be made to do just about anything.

Far fetched? In a widely used high school health textbook published by Holt they lie to the children. The authors state “ Before the fall of the Soviet Union, those who opposed the ruling government were considered insane, and many political dissidents were sent to mental hospitals.” Not true. The dissidents were committed to hospitals after being labeled insane. The label was a political pretext and propaganda, not a true diagnosis. The authors of this book are either incompetent or they are propagandizing our children into thinking that anyone who is against government (oppressive as it may be) is insane. This ties in with the first story above where the communist Chinese are more understanding than Americans. You see this is an ongoing propaganda campaign. We are not crazy ...they are!

Did you know that if you believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God you have already been labeled by the psychological community? You are a fundamentalist. An inside joke in the psychological community is that Bible believing Christians are fun-dam-mentals. In other words they have not only labeled you as fundamentals, but mentals (crazies) as well.

Furthermore, one of the classic hallmarks of insanity used to be the "God or Christ complex" If you thought you were God, then you were definitely crazy. This has changed. In modern psychology if you believe you are god (like Shirley McClain) you are just fine, but if you believe in God you are crazy. How twisted is that?

There is another important tell in the Newsweek cover photo (shown again below). Can you spot the not so subliminal message? Sometimes the greatest secrets are hidden in plain sight. Please notice the vulgar hand gesture the ultra-left leaning Robin Williams is giving us. He is giving the finger to put it as politely as I can. The message here is obvious. We are (according to the “experts”) messed up in the head to put it as delicately as possible.

This is the type of filth which the self-blessed orthodoxy arrogantly heaps upon you and me without apology. They know that not only will you do nothing about it, even if you figure it out, but they know you can do nothing. They are far too strong for the time being.

The worst part of all of this is that the major media are in on it. Surely the editor saw the cover of his own magazine. The cover of each issue is thoroughly scrutinized each week and is prepared by a small army of staff. The media are quite complicit in the indoctrination process. The world is not always as it seems. Forces conspire.


Let's take a quick look at just one inner paradox of the dark world of quackish psychology. Useless garbage such as having men get in touch with their feminine side. Have you ever noticed they never have a woman get in touch with her masculine side? They are clearly attempting to feminize men, creating "metro-sexuals." Metro-sexuals do not have the rugged individualism (which they strongly disdain) or morality of their forefathers. Weak men are no threat to them, and they don't usually raise strong men in their place. A double win for the psycho-social change agents.

Their quackish bafflegab would never have been accepted 50 years ago. But-

“controversial proposals once accepted soon become hallowed.“-Dean Acheson

The more psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and philosophers we churn out the more acute and pandemic our problems become in direct proportion. So don’t miss your companies' next class (propaganda meeting) on sensitivity training or anger management or conflict resolution or diversity training. The self-anointed psycho shaman of our tribe have enlisted the aid of government and corporations to spread their message at the cost of billions per year. The conditioning is not only expensive, but patient and gradual. Have you noticed that as the years pass more conditioning classes have been added?

Dear reader, perhaps you are rightly asking yourself this question. Is it possible that there is another valid hypothesis behind the malignancy of modern psychology? Or you may be asking- maybe they aren’t deliberately trying to control and deceive. Most of their underlings don’t have anything to do with the overall agenda except to be one of the worker bees toeing the party line in schools, government agencies and clinics.

The worker bee psychologist has little insight into the overall agenda. They just know that they are getting more and more business as the machine moves forward. For instance the APA suggests anger management therapy for school children and the government creates thousands of new jobs for them.

They have parlayed their deceptions into a psycho-social-political empire complete with the propaganda which will never be allowed to be challenged in one of their forums. (college campuses, clinics, and virtually all forms of media) The lock is in. So much for academic or scientific oversight.

Now that we have outed the psycho-scoundrels let us turn away from their corrupt teachings and the destruction which it has wrought.






jojozi said...

That's a good article - may I add that I just read about psychologists being involved in torture techinques. They admitted to being hands on in Iraq and Afghanistan. they were acting as advisors mostly though according to the articles. That's pretty sick.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all just need some more drugs!

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