Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fuzzy Math of Climate Change - Astounding!

Let's take a quick tour of some blatant journalistic malpractice and outright scientific bankruptcy surrounding global warming! What you are about to read can only be categorized as propaganda, it certainly is not journalism or science! The problem is that it comes with a color of authority from respected media. I wonder if anyone noticed the outlandish fuzzy math used in the first global warming article below? The editor, author, and contributing scientists certainly didn't seem to notice or care. Or did they?

This from the "Respected Scotsman News" Mon 30 Jul 2007 Quoting as follows:

Hurricane count doubles

"A DRAMATIC increase in the frequency of Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms can be fully explained only by global warming, scientists said yesterday. (What scientists?-Who? This looks credible already.)

In the past 100 years, the average number of tropical cyclones forming in the Atlantic each year has doubled. Of these, roughly 55 per cent have been powerful enough to be categorised as hurricanes."

Did you catch that? Here it is again, now watch close. "In the past 100 years, the average number of tropical cyclones forming in the Atlantic each year has doubled." Here is where you really have to be a world class scientist to understand the astounding dangers of global warming.

If the average number of tropical cyclones is doubling each year then after 100 years we would have more cyclones every year than there are grains of sand on all of the world's beaches! Let's do some of the math.

For example:

Year 1 = 1 Cyclone
Year 2 = 2 Cyclones
Year 3 = 4 Cyclones
Year 4 = 8 Cyclones
Year 5 = 16 Cyclones
Year 6 = 32 Cyclones
Year 7 = 64 Cyclones
Year 8 = 128 Cyclones
Year 9 = 256 Cyclones
Year 10 = 512 Cyclones
Year 11 = 1,024 Cyclones
Year 12 = 2,048 Cyclones
Year 13 = 4,096 Cyclones
Year 14 = 8,192 Cyclones
Year 15 = 16,384 Cyclones
Year 16 = 32,768 Cyclones
Year 17 = 65,536 Cyclones
Year 18 = 131,072 Cyclones
Year 19 = 262,144 Cyclones
Year 20 = 524,288 Cyclones
Year 21 = 1,048,576 Cyclones
Year 22 = 2,097,152 Cyclones

Now, only a true global warming scientist (such as the ones who colluded on this article) could ever wrap his mind around this stuff! Below is the average day in the summer of 1919 according to the "scientific" data above. Hawaii was hit by a typhoon every 16 hours on average and in 1920 they were hit by one every 8 hours. I did not know there were so many hurricanes back then! Where are they now?

Now, we still have 78 years to go, but you get the picture. This is an asinine statement that only blinded true believers could digest. Unfortunately most readers will just gloss over this brazen lie without noticing. Yet, others will continue to spew this idiocy as another global warming plank with which to beat the deniers over the head as though it were a fact. In this dumbed down world no amount of reasoned refutation will sway their stubborn orthodoxy.

This wild statistical slight of hand and propaganda from the global warming ministers is the most powerful argument I know of for instilling fluency of math and logic in our children. The useful idiots wallowing in and spewing this junk science cannot think for themselves and are lost. Our next generation does not have to suffer this fate if we can just wake up before it's too late. The faithful of the climate change shaman will prove that ignorance is a costly virtue in the brave new world.

Where have all of the cyclones and hurricanes been for the past two years? We should have had more not less if the global warming ministers and their faithful are correct even in the least. The propagandists boast that their predictive models are accurate. What nonsense, what incredible nonsense!

Please indulge me for a moment and take a look at this from LiveScience another ever spewing fount of self-contradiction. They state: “All science is fallible,” Oreskes told LiveScience. “Climate science shouldn't be expected to stand up to some fantasy standard that no science can live up to.” (So much for global warming being a "certain fact" as Al Gore and "the scientists" are fond of crowing.)

Instead, a variety of methods and standards are used to evaluate the viability of different scientific explanations and theories. One such standard is how well a theory predicts the outcome of an event, and climate change theory has proven to be a strong predictor." End of quote. A strong predictor? Where are all of the devastating hurricanes you had the faithful so hysterical about?

The "journalist" and "scientists" who conspired to crank out this obscene nonsense are either liars, or are incompetent or both. I believe they are both.

Unfortunately the global warming hysteria is built on one asinine plank after another that somehow got constructed into a paradoxical house of global warming worship.

Perhaps the real paradox here is that I will be the one who is denounced as the liar and denier of the "facts"!





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