Friday, October 19, 2007

Ron Paul - Hey, What's the Big Idea?!!!

Do you you truly belong? When your party officials speak do they speak at you or for you? Do you feel valued by your candidates, or are they just too busy pandering to voting blocks to worry about individuals such as yourselves? Are you really at home with your party? Are your leaders doing the right thing?If you cannot answer in the affirmative to the above then there is someone who wants and needs you. Yes! Ron Paul wants you to join him and be a part of something big.

Along with millions of others I was politically down and out and at a cross roads until I found Dr. Ron Paul. He had the cure for my political malaise and now I truly belong. I belong, no, we belong, millions of us to something big. It's not Ron Paul, it's bigger. He is the messenger that everyone in the government and media is trying to shoot right now. Why are they trying to shoot the messenger? Because of the big idea!

Why do they hate him so much? They hate his revolutionary big idea: Restore liberty. It's simple, elegant and noble. You cannot control a free people and they are all about control. In this world there are two kinds of souls; those who wish only to live and let live, and those who want control over others.

The vast majority of our government is a controlling agency. Control can come in the form of taxes, regulations, statutes, rules, media programming, undeclared wars, political correctness, propaganda, and treaties that conflict with the US Constitution. If your candidate supports any of the above then they are controllers. Usually these controllers operate under the guise of "the common good."

What's not to like about Ron Paul's big idea? He wants to:

  • Let you keep your money
  • End illegal wars
  • De-regulate your life
  • Shrink oppressive government
  • Restore governance exclusively to the people
  • Secure our nation
  • Promote prosperity for all (not just corporations)
  • Stay out of foreign entanglements
  • Stop policing the world
  • Trade with all

And for this he is hated?!

Understandably the controllers (read tyrants) want Ron Paul stopped, but why is he attacked by those who are controlled and enslaved? They hate Ron Paul because he will upset the status quo. They have become comfortable with their oppression and they wouldn't know what to do with liberty if they had it. These are the people who empowered the controllers in the first place. To them liberty is no big deal, nothing to fight for, be eternally vigilant towards or cherish.

All around us our countrymen are in chains and don't even know it, or more sadly want to know it. How ironic that they curse the one who has come to free them from the chains of their oppressors.

We implore you our countrymen to join us and throw off these fast growing chains of oppression. Ron Paul and millions of us are awaiting your decision. United we will stand, join the revolution!

Ron Paul's big idea is nothing new, it has been tried before. Liberty is the great contest of history. Millions have died to secure it. Freedom is the exception throughout the annals of history. Tyrants have bloodied the pages of history in their obsession to control others.

We have been given a great gift in that Ron Paul's revolution will come without the price of bloodshed. All that is needed is for good men and women to participate and drive back those who would keep us in bondage.

This I believe is going to be our last and best hope for a free citizenry.


Anonymous said...

Goooood article - I might add that in this world there are givers and takers. Ron Paul is a giver! All the rest are takers!!!

get said...

If the people that run the federal reserve also profit the most from war..
Doesnt that set off any alarm bells to you?

The root of the corruption in America is the ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, federal reserve. We would see much more peace in this world if we quit letting these assholes manage our money. They TAKE 35% of every paycheck to wreck havok in the world. We dont need it. We shouldnt have it. It will destroy our nation.

Google what Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson had to say about central banking.

Ron Paul gets more donations from our men and women in the military, than any other candidate. The reason is simple, if you look at it. Our kids swear to uphold the Constitution of this nation. Then 3,800+ go halfway around the world and DIE for this nation and its Constitution. The corrupt people that run this country make the same oath and go to DC and TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY!

Our kids dying know about the Constitution. If they die to protect it we should fight to keep it here in the United States. Doesnt that make some sense to you?

Our freedom. True FREEDOM. Is what made this country what it is. Ill be damned if I dont stand next to Ron Paul and his supporters all the way to the White House. A blind man can see that he is the real deal. He is trying to save this country before tyranny settles.

'When tyranny comes to this country is will be draped in an American flag, carrying a cross.'

One thing that DC doesnt get yet.. Is how patriotic this nation is when you give us hope. Ron Paul gives me hope that we will see peace, prosperity and freedom. Regular Americans from every walk of life are getting behind Dr. Paul because he is telling us the truth. This is going to be a significant movement because we are not going to go away.

We cannot keep shooting people halfway around the world and not expect more terrorism. The only way this country will fail is from within.

Take 10 minutes and go to his website. Please consider supporting Dr. Ron Paul.

Sidro Steel
Parke Nicholson III


erinzdad said...

Hi get,

So many great points you make! There are many wolves in sheep's clothing who have fooled most of us. But, you can't fool all the people all the time. I have found (since my recent conversion) that Ron Paul supporters such as yourself are very astute. I'm proud to stand steadfast with you in the revolution.

Thanks everyone!

lmfemine said...

It baffles me how so many people can't see who Ron Paul really is and understand his message - especially when you compare him to the fake, plastic candidates. They would be funny if they weren't so dangerous. We will be making our 6th contribution very soon.

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