Friday, October 19, 2007

Ron Paul - Home to the Politically Homeless

For most voters in the US in either of the major parties there is an ever increasing sense of alienation. Within both parties new factions have recently arisen and have hijacked their political infrastructures leaving many (such as myself) within their respective bases politically destitute and homeless.

What follows is the story of my party's broken home, and how Ron Paul took me in when I was at desperate political crossroads. No matter your party affiliation this story will strike a cord with most you because most of us have been serial victims of these dysfunctional factions and been rendered candidate challenged.

OK, I admit it, after 911 I fell for the Neo - Con. The terrorist fervor had most of us (including myself) whipped up in a retaliatory frenzy. To my great dismay 911 opened the door to these abusive Neo-Con impostors and our relatively happy family was soon to be shattered. In the aftermath of 911 they rushed in and offered handy solutions and security for our nation which was in hindsight only a pretext to commandeer the Republican party.

What the Neo-Cons really gave us was not a solution at all, but perpetual war with no end and no victory. Neither did they give us security, but instead gave us wide open borders facilitating more terrorism, drug trafficking, and virtually unrestrained illegal immigration.

The destruction of our family (the GOP) had begun from within. The Neo-Cons managed to do what the Democrats could not. We lost election after election, and hard won political relevance.

As junior family members of our party objected to the brash abuses of power, the Neo-Cons became ever more arrogant and controlling. The breathtaking departure from conservative principles by this extremist faction of political pirates was disheartening to say the least.

Amid the disturbing developments another more sinister aspect of the sweeping abuses began to manifest - Orwellian double speak. First they labeled themselves as compassionate conservatives which is as far from the truth as you can possibly get. Then in continuing their macabre charade there was nothing patriotic about the Patriot act and nothing secure about the Department of Homeland Security. These were blatant unconstitutional power grabs and all the while the Neo-Cons insisted that we were a nation of laws! How's that for double speak?!!!

Of course there were many more attacks (not mentioned here) from within, but then a new fiendish specter appeared within the family. The Neo-Cons had co-opted and recruited a propaganda machine along with pundits to brow beat any and all dissenters. As a family we had all gotten along famously until the infiltration by the Neo-Cons, then all of a sudden we were all held suspect and maliciously attacked if we didn't toe the new party line set by the Neo-Cons and their propagandists. If you questioned our new leaders and their illegal initiatives you were labeled un-patriotic, and if you invoked the Constitution you were labeled an anti-government radical. Never before in our family were those who held up the Constitution considered radicals!

Then came the outrageous insults. We who insisted upon constitutional interpretations of law were slandered as ignorant by the new enemies within our own party. The founders said they wrote the Constitution so that an eighth-grader could understand it yet they (the Neo-Cons) break Constitutional laws that have stood for hundreds of years and tell us that we are too stupid to understand.

There was shock and awe within the family. The Neo-Con's interpretation of the Constitution was indeed shocking and awe-ful.

We had become battered family members and switching parties was the only real option (besides not voting) until Ron Paul spoke out and stepped up to challenge the psychopathic abusers within.

Check out this video to see for yourself. Why Ron Paul will win!

Switching to the Democrat party would have been unthinkable for me since that family too was just as dysfunctional. Their family had become just as abusive but for different reasons. The liberal leaders said they were against the war yet they all voted for it time and time again. Then when they were elected to office they did nothing to uphold their promises to end the war. I can't even imagine how disgusted the liberals must be with their party. As for me, I am mad as hell at those infiltrators and impostors who have taken over and bullied my family.

The war on terrorism is not my complaint but rather the illegality and lame prosecution of it. Ironically within my party I am the one scorned while Bush and his anti-constitution banditos are praised. On this I will not say more as there is a law now against speaking out against the war.

Cosmetically there are differences between the two major party candidates, but practically there is little or no difference. They are all pawns of the multi-national corporate elite who have them under total control.

The fact that no one on either side will do anything to stop this illegal and highly unpopular war speaks volumes about who is really in control. We have been warned on many occasions about the dangers of the military-industrial complex and they were right. Our leaders in government view us as the slaves and corporations as the masters. This is the very definition of fascism.

Sure, there is a thinly veiled guise of yielding to the will of the people, but not on matters that count. I refer to issues such as illegal immigration, the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on illiteracy, and the highly abusive Federal Reserve. These issues are not up for debate. They have an agenda and the people (in our leaders minds) have no say. If you want change in other areas you may do so as long as the globalist agenda is not threatened in any way.

Ron Paul has been the only leader of late to dare inject the much hated Constitution into the election debates. When he mentions the long honored law of the land they and their minions jeer and snarl like vampires shown a cross. Such is their pathological disdain for the Constitution.

Their open disdain of the Constitution alone should disqualify them from holding office since they took an oath to defend and uphold it. Perhaps the oath should say something along the lines of, "I swear to destroy the Constitution at every opportunity and attack without reservation those who resist it's destruction."

Fortunately Ron Paul has stepped up to the plate before they could change the Official oath of office. Nowhere are the sweet words of liberty being spoken outside of his newly formed family. I am adopted into that family so to speak.

I ran away from my political home when the abuse of my once great family became more than I could bear, but Dr. Ron Paul showed me and millions of others that family does not have to be abusive, lawless, corrupt, coercive, and non-compassionate.

President Bush slapped me and millions of others in the face almost every time he spoke. It was for me the ultimate of offenses when he referred to the Minutemen as vigilantes and said that the illegals were simply here to do the jobs that Americans wouldn't do. I saw honest hard working friends being displaced by illegals who took those jobs for lower wages. What really angered me was that the labor unions supported this in sourcing of American jobs in support of Bush therefore emboldening him. I could see the fix was in.

Thankfully with Ron Paul the fix will be out and the abusers will also be out.

We can win! There are enough of us abused and politically homeless that we can change the course of history. We can restore the years the locusts and Neo-Cons have eaten and toss out the corporate thugs who wrought such grievous injury and mischief to our land. Perhaps they will have their day in court. One can only hope.

Ron Paul is our last and greatest hope. His is a big idea that transcends labels and politics. Though he be running on the GOP ticket he is not a republican. All are welcomed. Let us not waste this opportunity, and let us not be faint in our actions, for when will we be stronger?

"In this world of give and take, there are not enough who are willing to give what it takes." - Author unknown

Are you ready to give what it takes for the REVOLUTION? Let's go Ron Paul!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more! I was politically down and out until Ron Paul. As a lifelong democrat I was extremely frustrated with the radical direction some in the party were taking us. To say that I had been marginalized would be an understatement. Thank you Ron Paul! I have never been this energized and optimistic about any election!

spamerica said...

I see another Ron Paul spamed poll on the right side of the page! Well done Ron Paul faithful - how sickening! Why do you all find it so hard not to spam everything.

erinzdad said...

Hi spamerica,

All supporters of the candidates are able to vote here as they please.

The Ron Paul votes are legitimate and are not spam! Why don't the supporters of other candidates take the time to vote? I cannot answer that question. Perhaps they are not nearly as energized or enthusiastic as the Ron Paul supporters.

Did you take the time to vote in this poll, or did you just take the time to complain about the Ron Paul voters? One is constructive and one is not. Looks like you could learn a thing or two from Ron Paul's constituents.

I have also noticed that Ron Paul's people are very rarely negative.

Paul said...

How sickening! like a vampire saw the cross!

What a great article. Describes my feelings exactly!

Ron Paul is like a ray of sunlight in a dark crypt of dispair.

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