Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Jena 6" - What You're Not Being Told

Sometimes the story not told is as important or more important than the one being told. There is a great deal of hysteria and hyperbole surrounding this unfolding event. Tensions and rhetoric are high on both sides of the issue, but what are the hard facts? The truth is striving to be told through all of the innuendo and irrational spin.

The major media seems to be feeding us exactly what Jackson and Sharpton give their approving nod to. Now let's add a heapin' helpin' of political correctness and we have the typical blacks good-whites evil story.

To hear the media tell it the only racism that exists in Jena is white in origin, and six black kids (all football and basketball athletes) stomping a white kid is A-OK! No hatred there. They even promote the new slogan "Free the Jena 6".

Why should the "Jena 6" go free after committing numerous serious crimes? Apparently not even Jessie and Al thought one Mychal Bell should go free. His bail was set at $90,000 (which his family could not afford) and he could have gotten out with $9,000 posted. Why didn't they post bail with the $10,000 donation that rocker David Bowie gave to the cause? Did they want to keep him in jail? Apparently so! It was obviously most politically expedient for them to let him languish in jail so they could get the most mileage out of his "plight".

Jena Six defendant Robert Bailey, Jr. displayed several pictures of himself with $100 bills on the public website My Space last week. Several pictures were placed on the site with the money, included one photo of Theodare Shaw, another Jena Six defendant, with Bailey and money. The pictures were removed by the end of the week. An unknown number of people have donated to the Jena Six defense fund and many are now calling upon some group to audit the contributions in light of the photos posted on the Internet.

Two of the Jena 6 fiasco were wisked in on the red carpet and treated like celebrities at BET’s 2nd Annual Hip Hop Awards.

Did Mychal Bell or any of the others in the "Jena 6" learn anything about crime not paying? Did others learn that crime does not pay in our society? NO! Their cowardly crime was richly rewarded!

Back to the main story.

Why the rally cry "Free the Jena 6" when only one (Mychal Bell) was in jail? This slogan is racially divisive, and suggests that they are unfairly being held in bondage (allusions to slavery?) for no good reason.

Why hasn't anyone in the media pointed out any of the above items? Are they incredibly obtuse, or simply biased?

Let's move on to the most damning evidence of black racism in Jena, and media bias surrounding this blatant race baiting charade.

Below are pictures of the protesters in Jena, LA. Are these people peace loving civil rights activists, (as the media portrays them) or are they black militants?

CNN Basks in 60's Atmosphere of Black Power & White Racism-Jena

Note the black power fists and how giddy the white female reporter is about it all. Let's translate: black racism good-white racism bad. There you have it, the liberal mindset in a nutshell. Anything white is bad and anything black is good. Liberalism really is a mental disorder!
As the old adage goes; "a liberal is one who never takes his own side in a fight." These self-haters are an abomination.

Imagine for a moment if the race roles were reversed. Whites by the tens of thousands march into a small town where six white athletes ganged up on a black student and stomped him. The whites demanding the release of the white attackers and gave white power signs. How would the media cover the story? The coverage would be much different.

The media in this case would correctly point out that these were white supremacists trying to overthrow justice by intimidation of public officials. (Which is a crime)

The media would quickly point out that there is no correlation between the nooses (hung by black students in this scenario) and the beating of the black student.

The media would also be quick to point out that the six white attackers were not charged with hate crimes. (Which they should have been)

And lastly the media would use the events (in our scenario) to attack white racism. Why are they silent now when blacks attack a white who had nothing to do with placing nooses on the tree? Do they favor one race over another?

Let's take a look at some other mostly unknown and important facts surrounding this case.
  • On August 30, 2006, there was a back-to-school assembly for boys only at Jena High School. An assistant principal covered rules, dress codes, etc., and called for questions. One black asked a question that was clearly a joke: Could blacks sit with whites under a particular shade tree in the school’s courtyard. Everyone in the room laughed. The assistant principal answered that, of course, anyone could sit wherever he liked. There were a number of other questions—some funny, some serious—and the assembly broke up in good spirits. This stands in contradiction to the claim that Mychal Bell went directly to the principals office and acted like a civil rights crusader.
  • Administrators immediately took the nooses which had been painted their high school colors down, and the vast majority of students, who arrived after 7:15 a.m., never saw them.
  • The local police and the FBI interviewed the boys who put up the nooses and found no racial motive. The local US Attorney, Donald Washington, who is black, also looked into the nooses incident, and he, too, and found no grounds for action. While putting up the nooses was ignorant it was not a crime.
  • From Sept. 9 through Nov. 30 (nearly three months) there were no racial incidents reported either at the high school or in the city or Jena. Hardly a boiling cauldron of white hatred!
  • Five black Jena High students tried to crash a party, but a woman told them they could not come in and the party was by invitation only. The boys insisted, and a white man stepped in front of the woman to stop them. There was a fight, which went outside. A number of other whites got involved, the police were called, and one of the whites was arrested and pleaded guilty to battery. At least two of the black students were among the “Jena 6.” Remember, the blacks started the fight!
  • The Jena Times called the attack on student Justin Barker “one of the most violent attacks in Jena High School’s history.”

Where is the righteous outrage by whites? This story of hate perpetrated by the “Jena 6” has been turned upside down into a story of hate perpetrated by whites! While displaying nooses is admittedly a hateful thing to do no one was hurt. Six black athletes ganging up on a white student is a hate crime if there ever was one!

No wonder the major media is losing market share and credibility. They cannot seem to tell the truth.


RobertW said...

I believe the media is trying to stir racial tension. They aren't really so stupid as to miss the black power fists. Great take on this subject. Good work as always erinzdad!

Anonymous said...

What about your rascist retoric? so what if they gave the black power fist. so what if the noose and the beating are not relate

erinzdad said...

Hi anonymous,
I'm not sure what racist rhetoric (on my part) you are referring to. I'm not going to argue with you. If you can't see the significance of the militant black power gesture behind the motives of the protesters then I will not try to explain it to you. I have found you cannot explain common sense to people.

P.S. - Good grammar and spelling lends credibility to the author.

Anonymous said...

Seldom is one party right and another wrong in a fight. But ATTEMPTED MURDER charges?


Because America is a PEACEFUL nation so we get upset about a fist fight? This is some provocateur shit.

Jo said...

Your bigotry is appalling. To reverse the scenario makes no sense. Blacks have constantly been persecuted in America. Nooses do not have the same connotation for whites as they do for black people. The noose is a symbol of the discrimation and hate and fear black people faced in the past. For those boys to say that they did not know the noose's meaning is ridiculous, especially if they grew up in the south. It is the equivalent of posting a swastika among a group of Jewish people. And white supremecists are a dangerous group of people whose unfounded beliefs threaten the lives of minorities who have done nothing to them. At least black power advocates are fighting back because they were wronged. And IF the scenario were reversed, I'm pretty sure that the white kids would get off scott-free...because unfortunately that's just how things work in this country. White people are never punished harshly in crimes involving race.

erinzdad said...

Hi Jo,

You said, "Your bigotry is appalling." What did I say that was bigoted? I defy you to point to anything I have written as racist or bigoted!

Am I a bigot for telling the truth? What did I write that wasn't true? So, you are saying that it's OK for blacks to be racist and not whites? Isn't that what you are really saying here?

Jo said, "I'm pretty sure that the white kids would get off scott-free...because unfortunately that's just how things work in this country. White people are never punished harshly in crimes involving race."

You must be on some serious drugs Jo!!! Do you really believe that? Have you ever heard of Hate Crime laws and how they are almost never used against minority criminals? The Jena six itself is a very good example. If six or seven whites had attacked a black in this manner you can bet they'd be up for hate crimes!

Jo, YOUR bigotry is appalling!!!

Anonymous said...

Appalling to me, as it has always been, is the fall back of how blacks have always been persecuted in America.
What reason could a teenage black kid have to fear a noose?
It's nearly the same as the slavery argument.

Anonymous said...

This is some pretty slanted "reporting". It's almost laughable that someone would try to expose the liberal, racism-igniting tendencies of the media by posting a story that is equally biased and provocative (from the other perspective). Two observations: if students are hanging nooses at their high school, wouldn't that indicate that there is already some racial tension in the community? Or did the liberal media create that too? I also didn't see much written about the severity of the punishments that were handed down to these teenagers who were involved in the stomping. Remember, these are kids we are talking about....not adults. This is some pretty weak writing, folks.

Anonymous said...

This article is racial whining at it's worst.

I've seen better examples of journalism in a high school newspaper. I really hope an adult is not responsible for this childish display of tit-for-tat, meaningless griping.

Rational people who hope to make any kind of positive contribution to American society really shouldn't engage in this kind of crap. Please get off my Internets!

wonderingwoman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wonderingwoman said...

What is really appalling to readers about this article is that it true!
But the public do gooders and race activists just love having something to sink their teeth into and feel as if they are all important without having to touch on the real heart of the matter. What may that be, you ask?
Well hear goes.
Do keep in mind that I grew up in a city nearly destroyed by attempts of reverse racisism while surrounding suburbs of mixed races lived in peace and harmony with each other.
Back on subject is...
"The Human Mind Set for Society".
Are you a peaceful, caring, giving, contributing part of your society or not!
Are you a me or a we?
Martin Luther King did not make up the "Black Fist". And I greatly respect and honor his true legacy just as I honor President Lincoln. Both fought for freedom equal rights for all.
Years ago (when a woman was raped in the middle of public square and no-one of any color helped her or even bother to call the police till it was too late to help)- I helped start and was apart of "The Guardian Angels" with some of my best friends' who were black and white. We stood together and put ourselves in harms way to protect all. Our constitution begins with "We the People". But this situation is not we but me!
Where were their teachings to the children of being a positive part of society as a whole-black and white?
They are forgetting that they are in the 20th century now! All of them and violence is just violence! It is wrong!
There is no color quarrel today except the one in their own mind that they are promoting and this needs to stop! The root is the teachings of the parents! Any time there is a fight, it is that white or that black and really it is not color but humanity.
I am apart of one of real minorities...female, working lower-middle class Americans.
This black movement is screaming about a hurt that they keep alive and promote in their own families.
When are they going to admit that teenagers acted like any other gang of thugs and should be punished. Just like anyone else!
The nooses, the beatings, the black is all wrong and has no place in our society today!
The only ones that are keeping racism alive is the people screaming about it because that is what they live not society on a whole!
These people screaming are the only ones who are actually racist and using it as an excuse to dictate to society to allow them to be selfishly cruel, overbearing and to get-away with causing pain to other human beings that our society would not otherwise allow.
"We are not defined by our color but by our actions!" Ever hear that before?
We are a race of human beings!
When is this going to be taught by parents instead?

davidT said...

Please keep posting articles exposing the outrageous racism from the black community! The world needs to see what is really happening. The mainstream media refused to report these aspects of the case because they knew public opinion would sour on these asinine black hypocrits who reward racism and criminal behavior.

Ken Johnson said...

Seems many of the people posting here don't seem to get it - "Black Power" is a racist slogan!!! It is the worst kind of racism.

It is the kind of racism that says it's good to jump a white kid 6 to 1 and beat him unconcious! (Near death) It is the kind of racism that says blacks can't be tried for hate crimes. Black culture in general glorifies this type of racism and expects - no demands to be tolerated.

Great article exposing racism! It's about time - someone grew a backbone and said it like it is!

How ironic it is that the author who is pointing out racism is being called a racist. How pathetic of all of you!

Anonymous said...

Ken is right on all counts! Problem is that most whites are too scared to admit it. White liberals are afraid of blacks cause they have no spine. Instead of admitting the truth they prefer to attack it and hope it goes away.

If you liberals love blacks as much as you say you do why don't any of you live in their neighborhoods? Hypocrits and liars!!!

Anonymous said...

First, I agree with most of what is posted. It is unfortunate that kids who committed a crime are being treated like celebrities (this in sharp contrast to the white hockey team falsley accused of raping a black woman).

The one point I've disagreed all along is that the hanging of the nooses wasn't racially motivated. OF COURSE it was racially motivated (and frankly, a not-so-veiled threat). So while I don't approve of the beating, I also feel the kids who hang the nooses clearly knew they would be inciting retaliation of some kind. Nobody is that ignorant. If I saw a noose hung on my tree, I'd sure assume it was a threat -- and I'm white! The impact on a black person is bound to be even greater because of the history linked to such a symbol.

The news media continues to fail being objective and sharing the facts. Today, if you're white you better pray that you never get accused of racism or pedophilia because it won't matter if you're found innocent -- the accusation alone will destroy your career, home, and life.

This is what political correctness has created.

jessica said...

Will the Jena 6 six use this money (donated by liberals) to go to college, or do something noble, or will they piss it all away on bling? I think we all know the answer!

Ha, Ha!!! Stupid liberals. Send them more money they deserve it more than you do.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica! Do you have a crystal ball or something???!?

DavidS said...

Jessica doesn't need a crystal ball! We all know what's not going to happen with the money. Didn't you see the thug pictures above anonymous?

Some people just don't get it. These black kids are criminals. (Unless you don't think beating a white kid unconcious is a crime)

Do they deserve the benefit of the doubt anonymous? NO !!!

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