Sunday, September 2, 2007

If The Left Had Their Way In The USA

Dear reader does the heavy hand of power in America cause you private distress? Can you feel the stress fractures growing between the government and the governed? If you answered yes to the above then you are my favorite audience with whom I would like very much to dialogue.

Just now, as we speak there are forces and factions asserting supremacy in our land with gloomy forebodings. The attacks from within are designs for power carefully Pre-meditated to subvert our republic and deliver us into a new paradigm not of our choosing.

These factions of which I speak (and their adherents) are amongst us, we see them everyday. They are the fomenters of such divisive issues as: the illegal alien invasion, global warming, abortion, gay rights, rights of property ownership, gun control, and many others ad nauseum.

They start many fires on different fronts simultaneously whether it be amnesty for illegals or gay marriage, or more gun control, or lowering the age of sexual consent. From coast to coast the good people are engaged in hundreds of battles to extinguish these fires at any one time. They keep starting so many fires that we cannot seem to get to the big fire. Who are these arsonists of American ideals? Generally speaking they are liberals, politically speaking they are Democrats, and ideologically speaking they are Marxist/communists.

What is the big fire that we should have put out long ago? Communism! We should have diligently guarded our schools (and other compromised institutions) It is particularly in the schools that they made their most important inroads. It is well known that - who controls the schools controls the world.

What ever happened to the old arsonists of American ideals - the Communist Party USA? They simply and seamlessly assimilated into the Democratic party. Communism is perhaps a mere abstraction to the younger generation who were never taught in our public schools that it was directly responsible for the slaughter of over 120 million human beings. Communism is a dirty word to informed Americans and they know it, so they have changed labels to escape detection by the majority. The new labels are; secular humanist, and progressive.

Although the communists have changed names, they have not changed agendas or given up! No, they will never stop pushing. Evil never rests. Their assault upon life, liberty, happiness and prosperity will never stop, it is anathema to them. (Unless it is an assault upon their own)

Do my assertions sound harsh? If ever there was a time to unveil the enemy arsonists within it is now! For far too long they have couched their wicked intrigues in soothing warm fuzzy sounding words which the gullible and ignorant heartily embraced. For instance it is under the banner of "caring for the children" that the arsonists have eliminated rights of parental notification in some states. When an underage child has an abortion or is to be administered psychotropic "behavior modification" drugs in schools the parents need not be notified and have absolutely no say in these matters according to activist judge rulings that stand in many states.

They will not stop there. The ACLU (arsonists at large) have many fires stoked to assault "antiquated" notions of liberty and morality. Occasionally they will take a case in defense of the Constitution, but this is only window dressing, they are still the sworn enemies of liberty.

Perhaps to many readers I assert a known truth that the enemy within seeks the destruction and abolition of America and the western world along with it's people and culture. What follows will be a penetrating look under the veil to expose the enemy for what they truly are and what they plan for you and I. We shall not speculate nor invoke hyperbole regarding their objectives. We shall let them speak for themselves, as it is far more damning than anything I could put on the table.

Knowing that actions speak louder than words let's make a cursory observation of the enemy within's past and present actions to deduce from there just what plans they may have for us. Please bear in mind that we are not speaking of moderate Democrats who have been thoroughly marginalized and demonized within their own party i.e. Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut.

What would America look like if the enemy within (the far left) had their way? The following is based on past and current pushes by the left and their operatives. Note: an asterisk * after the entry indicates that this is already happening in parts of the US. By the way can anyone identify which of the following promotes liberty and prosperity?

  • No private gun ownership for any reason *
  • No conservative talk radio
  • No private property rights
  • No restrictions on illegal immigration *
  • Free abortions at any age or stage of pregnancy *
  • State control of minors superseding parental rights *
  • Lower age of sexual consent to 12 years
  • Elimination of the death penalty *
  • Unrestricted health care for illegals *
  • Social Security benefits for illegals *
  • Hate speech laws - make it a felony to hurt some one's feelings (except Christians)
  • No Boy Scouts of America
  • No prison for pedophiles - just "restorative justice" (better known as therapy) *
  • Legalization or "decriminalization" of street drugs *
  • Gay marriage
  • Abolition of the institution of marriage (if gay marriage is not accepted)
  • Homosexual death style taught to children of all ages *
  • Activist judges legislating from the bench overturning the Constitution and the will of the people *
  • Remove "harsh punishment" for dangerous criminals, replace with "restorative justice" *
  • Free and universal health care
  • Extreme taxation
  • Restrictive almost insurmountable legislation, ordinances, regulations, standards, taxes, and fees on private businesses *
  • Centralization of governmental powers *
  • Bigger government
  • Expanded entitlements at taxpayer expense
  • No home schooling
  • Reduced military spending and readiness
  • Increased government police powers *
  • Habeas corpus eliminated (currently on the books by Executive Order, but not in force)
  • Presumption of innocence eliminated (return to Napoleonic law in accordance with most other nations)
  • International laws and jurist precedents superseding US Constitution *
  • Stripping of US sovereignty *
  • Pro-Constitutionalists are labeled anti-government (an old communist tactic to poison public opinion) *
  • Threats to government and any official will be a crime *
  • The middle-class will be eliminated and everyone (except those in power) will be made equal
  • Social engineering programs of tolerance, diversity, and self-esteem taught in schools and given higher priority than the three R's *
  • Rampant, unparalleled illiteracy in schools *
  • Big sister surveillance and spy society *
  • Perpetual wars *
  • Police state
  • State control of all media and communications
  • State control of agriculture
  • State control of transportation
  • State control of schools *
  • State control of health care
  • State control of industry
  • State control of all resources

After reviewing the list above can you identify any item which is a plank of true conservatism? The Neo-cons are not, I say again, they are not conservatives!!! They are well dressed wolves in sheep's clothing, willing to toss us a conservative bone now and then. Just look at their actions and know that there is nothing conservative about them.

The Neo-cons (heavy emphasis on the cons) are fellow travelers of the communists. How can I say this? Easy, they have given us: unrestricted illegal immigration, undeclared wars, (unconstitutional) bigger government, higher spending, No Child Left Behind (written up by Teddy Kennedy) loss of private property rights, (the infamous Kelo decision) and Executive Orders for martial law, continuity of government, suspension of Habeas Corpus and much more.

Up until this point we have appraised the direction our nation is heading based upon known facts that are mostly common knowledge and are in the public domain. Now let's exercise a little journalistic discretion and read between the lines of the developments and circumstances leading up to where we are today, they will prove to be full of interest!

Humor me for a moment and let's pretend that our officials in government are rational human beings. Most of our elected officials are intelligent and well educated but devoid of principle.

When you read stories concerning the government's refusal to secure the borders and enforce our immigration laws do you just file it away under government bungling, corruption, or misplaced political correctness as the media elites direct you to? Is this really just the outcome of rational leadership who's only fault is "caring so much" for the illegal aliens as many claim? Is it possible that this was planned and a much more treacherous agenda is underfoot?

When we observe that all western nations have welcomed militant illegals from third world nations all at the same time in history the argument that this is all coincidence begins to evaporate. Now, let us add another bit of irony, and that is the fact that non-western nations do not allow much legal and certainly not illegal immigration. It starts to look suspiciously like a plan.

In case you missed it western nations are bringing in militant illegals and legals from third world nations who refuse to assimilate. The Europeans have their Muslims and we have Mexicans and Latin Americans. The cultures of the opposing parties mentioned above do not mix. The cultural divide is too wide and never the twain shall meet. The cultures of western nations and third world nations are polar extremes. To the third world mindset racism is a good thing, and corruption is a way of life.

We have been indoctrinated in our government schools to believe that all cultures are equal. This is nonsense! Just ask one of these idiot teachers if Nazi culture is equal to Polynesian or American Indian cultures, and see if they don't become upset with you. Why would they get upset? Because, you caught them in a lie, you dared exposed the propaganda machine and they resent it!

What are the chances that multi-culturalism, diversity training, and unchecked immigration from hostile third world nations could all occur in the same generation in only the western nations? The answer can only be that it was engineered! Are unseen forces conspiring? You bet!

What is the goal of these unseen forces? Western nations are the engines of liberty, prosperity, innovation and self-determination. Did I mention liberty? You cannot rule over a free people. If world government is the goal you must remove the fly from the globalist ointment, and that fly is the western nations and in particular the United States of America.

Most observers say follow the money and it will lead you to the perpetrators of the immigration crisis. They say "always follow the money." This is wrong and misleading. Money does not motivate tyrants, power does. Hitler couldn't have cared less about money. He was motivated by power, as are our government shills who are in on this treachery.

The only plausible answer is that there is a concerted effort to destroy our culture and middle class from within and without. What follows in the video below is proof that our government is working to undermine our culture. These US school children were given Mexican flags and made to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Mexican flag! What you are witnessing is the blatant destruction of our culture by our government using our tax dollars against us.

According to a Pew poll 60 percent of illegals believe that America was stolen from them by the gringos. We know this to be false. Why is it being taught in our schools in California and Texas? Just one more bit of evidence that treachery is afoot!

Ladies and gentlemen please note the clear message in the above scene from the illegal demonstrations. The US flag is upside down signifying distress. The Mexican flag flying above the US flag meaning victory. Do you see the big piñata in the foreground? - Illegals from Mexico refer to the US as the "Big Piñata" Now let's get something straight here; these illegal students didn't just think all of this symbolism up on their own. This is clearly staged by higher-ups. The message being communicated here is; We have conquered the Big Piñata. Perhaps these school officials should be held accountable for allowing the US flag to be desecrated on government property. Our lack of resistance to attacks such as this only emboldens them. They see our empathy, compassion, and failure to act as cowardice, and weakness which makes them despise us even more. One last important point here. Who do you think helped stage this treasonous photo op? I don't know for sure who did, but I know who did not. It was not conservatives! This is one more piece to the puzzle that fits.

Illegal immigration from hostile nations is the seed of the coming race war and political correctness is the water which will make it grow.

Unfortunately we are allowing these transgressions to occur making us partly to blame for our own demise. As the great historian Seymour Lipset said, "Great nations don't die, they commit national suicide."

Are the government operatives trying to start a race war? The Mexicans have many organizations which promote this "reconquista" thinking. Millions of them are members. What they are proposing is insurrection and high treason. If you or I were to form a movement to overthrow the government the unsparing hand of the law would smash us in no time. Why doesn't the government shut them down and throw them in prison? Is our government complicit? You bet they are. You liberals can blame government bungling and ineptitude to deflect closer scrutiny, but one day the people will know they were deliberately betrayed by their own government.

Why are these illegals so heavily armed? This is the reason all Americans should be armed and dangerous!

Many believe that the tensions between the Mexicans and Americans will eventually lead to a race war. Right now tensions are too low, but what if there were an economic turndown. Could this be the right catalyst to spark a race war? Who would benefit from such a scenario? Well, well, well what do you know it would benefit the government just as they expected!

Once a race war flared up the government would pounce upon the opportunity to declare martial law and disarm Americans resulting in a blood bath since the undocumented illegals will still have undocumented weapons.

"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not." ~ Thomas Jefferson (This is why Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton want gun control so badly.)

Once the "evil white racists" are out of the way the government operatives can bring on their version of communism. This'll be a strange mix of fascism and communism with mega corporations intact. It will also be totalitarian Shangri-la given birth by unprecedented carnage, an offering to the god of the new age.

It doesn't have to go this way. We outnumber them and their sympathizers by at least 50 to 1.

“There can be no really pervasive system of oppression . . . without the consent of the oppressed” Florynce R. Kennedy

Sound like a far-fetched scenario? I sure hope so! I have never wanted to be wrong on anything so much in my entire life.

One last word. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Don't ever give up your guns! Fight for your people, your culture, your nation. Love your countrymen, the rest of the world certainly won't. You must decide now if you will fight or role over in hopes that you might survive. As for me it is better to fight standing up than bow as a slave! Decide now! It will be too late when they come breaking through your door.

P.S. - At the time of this writing the Mexican truckers have been given the green light to haul freight unchecked within the US. I don't feel any good (for Americans) can come of this! Will the media tell us when Americans are killed needlessly by Mexican truckers? Will they tell us when US truckers lose their jobs to Mexican competition? Judging by past coverups of illegal crime I doubt very much the government or the media will report on this issue impartially.




madashell said...

I can't understand why people hate their own country and people so much that they would destroy it all. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder! Just watch, when the day comes that we go to war and the liberal traitors see us winning they will jump back over to our side to save their own skins. I say we mark them well now and in the event of a race war we execute them on sight when they come crawling back. If they will betray us once, they will do it again! Traitors cannot be rehabilitated, and I won't be in the mood to try. I suppose I need more anger management or tolerance brainwashing.

erinzdad said...

madashell said, "I say we mark them well now and in the event of a race war we execute them on sight when they come crawling back. If they will betray us once, they will do it again!"

Well said. They are the enemy within and should always be treated as such. I can't remember who said this, but it seems fitting.

"Moderate action in defense of liberty is no virtue.
Extreme action in defense of liberty is no vice."

I'am not endorsing or advocating preemptive action on the enemies within, so don't anyone start whinning about this being a hate site. For all things there is a time and a season. Now is not the time nor the season. I am in full agreement with you madashell. It does me good to know that there are still Americans who are willing to fight and not cower to tyrants.

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