Monday, September 3, 2007

Warning - They're Putting Aluminum In Your Food!!!

Aluminum was found to be toxic to the nervous system of animals over 100 years ago. Injecting aluminum into the brains of sheep was reported in 1965 to result in changes in the brain that showed a “striking resemblance” to Alzheimer's disease (AD) in people. In 1973, brains of AD patients were found to contain more aluminum than people dying without this disease. About the same time, kidney patients on dialysis were found to suffer, sometimes fatal, brain damage (encephalopathy) from aluminum in their antacids (these antacids are used to bind phosphates in their intestines). More than 100 toxic actions of aluminum have been identified and many are damaging to the human brain.

The last three decades have seen a steady increase of aluminum in our environment and diet. Aluminum is harmful to all life forms. It damages all types of tissue. "Aluminum is a protoplasmic poison and a pernicious and persistent neurotoxin". No living systems use aluminium as part of a biochemical process. It has a tendency to accumulate in the brain. The danger is one that only manifests itself over long periods of time. It is therefore prudent to avoid consumption. Avoidance is currently the best way of protecting you and your family from the serious, long term damage that can result from ingestion. Pregnant and lactating women, the young and the elderly are at risk. The most effective way of preserving your mental acuity in to your later years appears to be eliminating the sources of aluminum in the diet.

In a study conducted by D.R.C. McLachlan and colleagues, it was found that a relationship did exist between the number of diagnosed AD cases and the level of aluminum present in the drinking water supply. This study concluded that between 15,180 and 26,910 of the estimated 66,000 to 117,000 cases of AD might have been prevented if the aluminum concentration in the municipal water supply had been kept below 100 micrograms per liter.

Aluminium fluoride which is present in drinking water. Minute quantities, as little as 0.5 parts per million were found to result in the formation of beta amyloid proteins, a characteristic of Alzheimer's disease.

Most utilities in Europe and the United States exceed the recommended level of 100 micro grammes per litre, some by as much as sixty times! More than half of the water utilities use aluminum sulphate to clarify drinking water. As you can see we seem to have quite an assault on our hands, but this is just one drop in the proverbial aluminum additives bucket!

There has long been concern that a high intake of aluminum is associated with an increased risk for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Research so far has focused on the effect of drinking water which may contain from 0.1 to 0.2 mg of aluminum per liter. Studies have shown that drinking aluminum-contaminated water may double AD risk. Now researchers at the State University of New York provide convincing evidence that aluminum-containing foods constitute a much greater risk than does drinking water.

Bread can contain up to 40mg/Kg aluminum. Some muffins, waffles and donuts have even more in the form of aerating agents.

Please allow me to pause here and interject a thought. Since the link between AD and aluminum is known why are they putting it in our water, medicines, vitamins, toothpaste and foods? Since it is a known neurotoxin wouldn't it be wise to eliminate public exposure as much as possible instead of increasing exposure? Are they deliberately trying to poison us? Personally I believe they are. There is much money in the neurological disease racket. What else can possibly explain it?

In the United States, aluminum potassium sulfate is the only approved substance used in vaccines. Some researchers consider this a serious matter and suspect that the amounts given during routine vaccination can cause an ongoing inflammatory response in the brain.
The principal symptom of aluminum poisoning is the loss of intellectual function; forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, irate behavior, and in extreme cases, full blown dementia. It is also known to cause bone softening and bone mass loss, kidney and other soft tissue damage, in large doses it can cause cardiac arrest.
Feeding even relatively small amounts of some aluminum salts to laboratory animals results in brain tissue damage identical to that found in Alzheimer's sufferers (neuro-fibrillary tangles). Recent research using laboratory rats has identified aluminum fluoride as a particularly nasty substance, it readily penetrates the blood-brain barrier. Significant damage was registered when they were given drinking water with only 0.5 parts per million concentration.
Another obvious and easily avoided source is aluminum cooking pots and pans, this can be quite easily remedied by using enamelled, stainless steel and cast iron pots. Cooking in earthenware and glass containers is another option.

Aluminum is not always indicated as an ingredient in foods, however you can cut down on your aluminum intake by eliminating the foods that do list any aluminum containing compounds.

Aluminum containing food compounds may be called:

Silicic acid
aluminum sodium salt
Sodium aluminosilicate
Aluminosilicic acid
sodium salt
Sodium aluminum silicate
Aluminum sodium silicate
aluminum trisilicate
Aluminum sulfate
Aluminum fluoride
Aluminum stearate
Aluminum hydroxide
Aluminum is found in:

Some vitamins
Some supplements
Processed cheese
Baking soda
Toothpaste (especially tooth whitening products)
Aluminum cookware and utensils
Aluminum foil
Dried eggs
Dried Milk
Vending machine powders (coffee, cocoa, soup)
Milk and cream powders
Grated cheese
Icing sugar
Baking powder
Cake mixes
Instant soup powders
Drinking chocolate
Buffered aspirin
Some beers
Many body lotions and cremes
Most cosmetics
Shampoos and conditioners
Suntan lotions
Lip Balm
Over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs containing aluminum are too numerous to list. Read labels and consult your doctor and pharmacist.

Ingredients are frequently listed separately on over-the-counter drug packages. Active ingredients are sometimes located on one side of the box, and the inactive ingredients on the other side. This confusing labeling practice is potentially dangerous and should be outlawed.
There are many anti-caking agents. Here is a list: (not all of these contain aluminum)
Sodium aluminosilicate
Magnesium carbonate
calcium silicate
Silicon dioxide
Dicalcium phosphate
Potato starch
Microcrystalline cellulose
Calcium silicate
Dimethyl polysiloxane
Sodium bicarbonate
Talcum powder
E553 a
E553 b
E554 Sodium aluminium silicate
E556 Calcium aluminium silicate
E559 Aluminium silicate (Kaolin)

Food colorings to watch for that contain aluminum:
"Organic" colorings such as Cochineal
Aluminum lake
5E173 - Aluminium (banned in some countries)

Who uses aluminum in their products? Below is just a short list to illustrate how widely used aluminum is.

Red Barron Pizza
MISSION flour tortillas
KFC Chicken
Kraft Foods
Winchell's Donuts

I will conclude with a few questions that I hope will open some eyes. Firstly, why are these mega corporations using aluminum additives when there are plenty of cheaper alternatives? Secondly, why is the FDA allowing this known neurotoxin to be added to virtually all consumer goods unnecessarily?The motive certainly cannot be good will !!!

Avoiding the additives above will cost a little vigilance, but the payoff will be beyond measure! What is your mind worth to you? Value it because the FDA and the mega corporations have proven they don't!


Depresso said...

I was going to write a comment while I eat my pizza, but I forgot what I wanted to say...

Anonymous said...

So because EDTA chelation therapy gets toxic heavy metals out of the body, do you think it would help combat this stuff?

erinzdad said...

I believe it will. I know that it does a great job with mercury and lead.

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