Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Liberal Twilight Zone

You are about to enter a strange world. A world where up is down, right is wrong and ideals have somehow become crimes. You are about to witness a land of shady contradictions - shadows and paradox. You've just crossed over to the Liberal Twilight Zone.

We begin our journey to a new dimension across the great divide of logic and liberalism. It is here we will discover the horrifying truth of the breadth and bottomlessness of this divide.

From what pit arises the tortured logic of liberalism? Is escape possible? Join us as we venture into the Liberal Twilight Zone.

What you have before you is a list of shows/topics from the Liberal Twilight Zone. Each episode more bizarre than the last. You're sure to be vexed for hours!

Season #1

The episodes that never should have been:

1. US gives China 2.4 Billion dollars/year in foreign aid under the title of "developmental aid."

2. More money on education than ever and more illiteracy than ever before.

3. More money on the war on poverty and more poverty than ever.

4. More drug abuse programs and more drug abuse than ever.

5. Liberals hate civil rights violators, yet embrace greatest of violators Islam.

6. Liberals embrace rap artists who promote the victimization of women.

7. Liberals say cattle poop in rivers polluting them yet say nothing about the deer, bears, wolves, birds, and fish pooping in the rivers.

8. Liberals supposedly for peace and love yet idolize many of the most prolific mass murderers and tyrants in history.

9. During a time of an AIDS epidemic the liberals promote sodomy (homosexuality) as a family value.

10. Idealists have become criminals and ideals have become crimes.

11. At a time of increasing crime the liberals want to make life easier on the criminals. (ie. Doing away with the death penalty and penalties for so called "victimless crimes.")

12. At a time of terrorism the liberals want to make life easier on the terrorists. (ie. Constitutional rights for captured terrorists and rules of engagement that severely tie the hands of our soldiers fighting terrorism.)

13. The UN liberals appoint the worst abusers of human rights to head the human rights council. Indonesia, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, Angola.

14. The much lauded (by liberals) Nobel Peace Prize goes to the worst single purveyor of terrorism in history - Yassar Arafat.

15. Secular Humanists believe in evolution yet embrace sodomy(homosexuality)which is a non-adaptive trait.

16. Secular Humanists claim morals or ethics should come from science. Germany had a scientific culture which gave us death camps. Communist Russia gave us the Gulags.

17. Liberals attack Catholic Church for their role in the pedophilia-priest cases yet they protect the homosexual community. The priests who molested these young boys were homosexuals masquerading as priests.

18. Many liberal progressives hail Bill Clinton as the greatest president ever, yet he was a serial womanizer and adulterer.

19. Liberals against oppression and slavery, yet they are in favor of illegal alien exploitation.

20. Out with phonics and in with Ebonics.

21. Liberals claim all cultures are equal. Are the Nazi and American Indian cultures equal?

22. Liberals want white people living today who never owned a slave to pay black people living today who have never been slaves.

23. Liberals say no need to notify parents when pedophiles work in schools.

24. Liberals say no need to notify parents when minor child gets an abortion.

25. Liberals say no need to notify parents when minor child is administered psychotropic drugs.

26. Talk of family values, yet promote fatherless homes by threatening to take away welfare benefits if mother marries.

27. Using taxes to fund obscene art which is really anti-art.

28. Liberal followers of the Goracle et al fail to see the brazen hypocrisy of these jet setters.

29. Liberals protect first few AIDS patients not allowing quarantine which resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands in the US.

This is the complete first season of episodes from the Liberal Twilight Zone. Buy them all now on DVD and you'll receive the following bonus episode! This rare gem has never been released until now!


Liberal word games, slogans and oxymoron's - includes:

Islam - the religion of peace.

Undocumented Americans

Immigrants substituted for illegal immigrants.

No person is illegal.

Workers have no borders.

Islamophobia - Dislike and fear are now interchangeable.

All cultures are equal.

Detainees - Prisoners of war or terrorists.

Hurry now and buy the entire set and get your carbon offset credits! Don't delay get these episodes that never should have been!


CindyS said...

Hey this is just your truth. Most ppl would disagree with you. We all have opinoins and just because they don't match yours does not make you right!

Anonymous said...

Most ppl would disagree with cindys.

Jonyo said...

What a pathetic diatribe.
Take all your arguments, turn them around, and then go look in a mirror.
What do you see?
A brainless dolt!

erinzdad said...

Hi jonyo,

No reason as to why this is a pathetic diatribe? Show me where I am in error!

Just what I've come to expect. Another liberal drive-by, and another scene from the Liberal Twilight Zone.

Anonymous said...

Liberals say they want to save people from AID's but they have no problem with people having anal sex and will defend the act. If liberals love homosexuals they would tell them to stop but they won't. They would rather use it as a political football even if people die from AID's. Liberals are void of logic. This is just one example. They also have a problem with logical progression and outcomes.

I know AID’s is spread not just with homosexuals but lets start with the most at risk group.

erinzdad said...

I couldn't agree with you more anonymous! Somehow men sodomizing each other has become a family value. Makes one wonder what is next. The logical (or illogical) outcome of liberalism will lead us into other depraved areas of human sexuality as being "normative." There are already shocking perversions being celebrated in much of Europe such as pedophilia.

Anonymous said...

Liberals want more Republicans to have gay sex and get caught at it.

Anonymous said...

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