Friday, September 21, 2007

Forbes Richest Fraud!

Every year Forbes omits the ultra-wealthy "blue bloods" who own our Federal Reserve and much, much more. We all know who they are, most of their names have become household words over the last 4 generations. Why are their names not included in the top 400 richest list year after year?

Forbes also publishes an annual list of all billionaires. This year there were 990 total. There is a conspicuous absence of the old money names in this list as well. Sometimes the most important stories are those never printed!

What happened to the old money families - the elite "blue bloods?" Did they all just go broke and fade into obscurity?
While they have faded into obscurity, (all by design) they are far from broke.

Another famous (or infamous) clan of billionaires who continually fly under the radar are the drug lords who head the worlds largest cartels. Like the "blue bloods" they also defy audits.

About Forbes 400

The Forbes 400 or 400 Richest Americans (first published in 1982) is a list published by Forbes Magazine magazine of the wealthiest 400 Americans, ranked by net worth. The list is published annually in September. In 2006, the combined wealth of the 400 topped $1.25 trillion, and all of the members of the list were billionaires. Below is the 2007 list of the Forbes top 100 richest.

1 Bill Gates US $56.0 billion United States Microsoft, investment
2 Warren Buffett US $52.0 billion United States Berkshire Hathaway,
3 Carlos Slim Helú US $49.0 billion Mexico Telmex, América Móvil, Grupo
Carso, Comp USA
4 Ingvar Kamprad US $33.0 billion Sweden IKEA, IKANO, real estate
5 Lakshmi Mittal US $32.0 billion India Arcelor Mittal
6 Sheldon Adelson US $26.5 billion United States Las Vegas Sands
7 Bernard Arnault US $26.0 billion France LVMH
8 Amancio Ortega US $24.0 billion Spain Inditex Group, real estate
9 Li Ka-shing US $23.0 billion Hong Kong Cheung Kong Holdings, Hutchison
10 David Thomson and family US $22.0 billion Canada Thomson Corporation
11 Lawrence Ellison US $21.5 billion United States Oracle Corporation
12 Liliane Bettencourt US $20.7 billion France L'Oréal, Nestle
13 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud US $20.3 billion Saudi Arabia Kingdom
Holding Company
14 Mukesh Ambani US $20.1 billion India Reliance Industries Ltd
15 Karl Albrecht US $20.0 billion Germany ALDI
16 Roman Abramovich US $18.7 billion Russia Millhouse Capital
17 Stefan Persson US $18.4 billion Sweden Hennes & Mauritz
18 Anil Ambani US $18.2 billion India Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group
19 Paul Allen US $18.0 billion United States Microsoft, Vulcan Ventures,
20 Theo Albrecht US $17.5 billion Germany ALDI, Trader Joes, Albertsons
21 Azim Premji US $17.1 billion India Wipro Technologies
22 Lee Shau Kee US $17.0 billion Hong Kong Henderson Land Development
23 Jim Walton US $16.8 billion United States Wal-Mart
24 Christy Walton and family US $16.7 billion United States Wal-Mart
24 S. Robson Walton US $16.7 billion United States Wal-Mart
26 Sergey Brin US $ 16.6 billion United States Google
26 Larry Page US $16.6 billion United States Google
26 Alice Walton US $16.6 billion United States Wal-Mart
29†[8] Helen Walton US $16.4 billion United States Wal-Mart
30 Michael Dell US $15.8 billion United States Dell, investment
31 Steven Ballmer US $15.0 billion United States Microsoft
31 Kirk Kerkorian US $15.0 billion United States Tracinda Corporation
31 Raymond, Thomas and Walter Kwok US $15.0 billion Hong Kong Sun Hung Kai &
34 François Pinault US $14.5 billion France PPR
35 Suleiman Kerimov US $14.4 billion Russia Gazprom, Sberbank
36 Vladimir Lisin US $14.3 billion Russia Novolipetsk Steel
37 Jack C. Taylor and family US $13.9 billion United States Enterprise
38 Vladimir Potanin US $13.5 billion Russia Interros
38 Mikhail Prokhorov US $13.5 billion Russia Interros
40 Oleg Deripaska US $13.3 billion Russia Rusal
40 Michael Otto and family US $13.3 billion Germany Otto GmbH
42 Carl Icahn US $13.0 billion United States TWA
42 Abigail Johnson US $13.0 billion United States Fidelity Investments
44 Adolf Merckle US $12.8 billion Germany Phoenix Pharmahandel
45 Barbara Cox Anthony US $12.6 billion United States Cox Enterprises
45 Anne Cox Chambers US $12.6 billion United States Cox Enterprises
45 Mikhail Fridman US $12.6 billion Russia Alfa Group
48 Vagit Alekperov US $12.4 billion Russia LUKoil
49 Charles Koch US $12.0 billion United States Koch Industries
49 David Koch US $12.0 billion United States Koch Industries
51 Silvio Berlusconi and family US $11.8 billion Italy Fininvest
52 Nasser Al-Kharafi and family US$11.5 billion Kuwait M. A. Kharafi & Sons
52 Leonardo Del Vecchio US$11.5 billion Italy Luxottica
54 Alexei Mordashov US$11.2 billion Russia Severstal
55 Duke of Westminster and family US$11.0 billion United Kingdom Grosvenor
55 Spiro Latsis and family US$11.0 billion Greece EFG Bank European
Financial Group
55 Birgit Rausing and family US$11.0 billion Sweden Tetra Laval
58 Forrest Edward Mars, Jr. US$10.5 billion United States Mars, Incorporated
58 Jacqueline Mars US$10.5 billion United States Mars, Incorporated
58 John Mars US$10.5 billion United States Mars, Incorporated
61 Viktor Vekselberg US$10.4 billion Russia Renova Group
62 Serge Dassault and family US$10.0 billion France Dassault Group
62 Charles Ergen US$10.0 billion United States EchoStar Communications
62 Michele Ferrero and family US$10.0 billion Italy Ferrero SpA
62 Naguib Sawiris US$10.0 billion Egypt Orascom Telecom Holding
62 Kushal Pal Singh US$10.0 billion India DLF Group
62 Alain and Gerard Wertheimer US$10.0 billion France Chanel
68 Susanne Klatten US$9.6 billion Germany Altana, BMW
69 Philip Knight US$9.5 billion United States Nike Inc.
69 Sunil Mittal and family US$9.5 billion India Bharti Telecom
71 John Kluge US$9.1 billion United States Metromedia
71 Vladimir Yevtushenkov US$9.1 billion Russia Sistema
73 Rupert Murdoch US$9.0 billion United States News Corporation
73 Hans Rausing US$9.0 billion Sweden Tetra Laval
73 Reinhold Würth US$9.0 billion Germany Würth
76 Ernesto Bertarelli US$8.8 billion Switzerland Serono
76 Pierre Omidyar US$8.8 billion United States eBay
78 Maria-Elisabeth and Georg Schaeffler US$8.7 billion Germany Schaeffler
79 Rafael del Pino and family US$8.6 billion Spain Ferrovial
80 Donald Bren US$8.5 billion United States Irvine Company
80 George Kaiser US$8.5 billion United States BOK Financial Corporation
80 George Soros US$8.5 billion United States Soros Fund Management
83 Nikolai Tsvetkov US$8.4 billion Russia Nikoil Financial
83 August von Finck US$8.4 billion Germany Allianz
85 Dan Duncan US$8.2 billion United States Enterprise Products
86 Mohammed Al Amoudi US$8.0 billion Saudi Arabia
Ethiopia Corral Petroleum Holdings
86 Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair and family US$8.0 billion United Arab Emirates
86 Kumar Birla US$8.0 billion India Aditya Birla Group
86 German Khan US$8.0 billion Russia Alfa Group
86 Iskander Makhmudov US$8.0 billion Russia Uralskaya
Gorno-Metallurgicheskaya Kompaniya
86 Sumner Redstone US$8.0 billion United States National Amusements
86 Shashi and Ravi Ruia US$8.0 billion India Essar
93 Philip Anschutz US$7.9 billion United States The Anschutz Corporation
93 Galen Weston and family US$7.9 billion Canada Associated British Foods
95 Enrique Bañuelos US$7.7 billion Spain Astroc
96 Stefan Quandt US$7.6 billion Germany BMW
97 Maan Al-Sanea US$7.5 billion Saudi Arabia Saad Group
97 Edward Johnson III US$7.5 billion United States Fidelity Investments
99 Sulaiman Al Rajhi US$7.4 billion Saudi Arabia Al-Rajhi Bank
100 Donald Newhouse US$7.3 billion United States Condé Nast Publications
100 Samuel Newhouse Jr US$7.3 billion United States Condé Nast Publications

The Central Banking system of the US (the Federal Reserve) has never been audited and stubbornly resists any attempt by congress to audit them. The US Constitution grants the power of coining and regulating the value of US currency (see: article 1 section 8) to Congress alone yet the Federal Reserve is owned by 301 Class A stock holders who ultimatly control our currency values and cash volumes.

Who are these Class A stock holders? Who are these elite "blue bloods" who resist audit and have become household names? They are the Rothschilds, Carnegies, Melons, Rockefellers, Duponts, and Warburgs to name a few.

Note: David Rockefeller is listed while the other heirs are not. He is the only exception.

These are the people who hold over 9 trillion dollars in looming US debt. Yes foreign nations purchase this debt, but the ultimate holders are the Class A stock holders of the Federal Reserve. With the US being in such great debt the stage is set for government manipulation by these transnationalists who owe allegiance to no nation.

Every year through inflation they siphon off hundreds of billions of dollars from the US economy. Inflation is their primary source of income so why should they wish to halt a recession? When our markets do well they in turn do well through lower inflation, but with an expanded money supply. Their greatest wealth will come from hyperinflation and resession as soon as the goose (the US) is fattened enough.

On that day when these stock holders of the Federal Reserve decide to call our notes (and eventually they will) we will see the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen, and Congress will be powerless to stop them.

They are the authors and creators of our much lauded debt based economy. Economists sing the praises of our debt based economy everyday. We are living in a world of illusion. Self induced debt both private and public has given our nation the appearance of great wealth, but someday we or our children will have to repay this debt monstrosity reducing them (or possibly us) to surfs in our own land.

These "elite" who own the Federal Reserve (which is not Federal) have unknown wealth, not even Congress is allowed to audit them. When dealing with banks, money and the government transparency is a must!

The accumulated wealth of these families is unknown and surely eclipses even Bill Gates.

You can see what Congressman Ron Paul has to say about the Federal Reserve here.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps David Rockefeller was not omitted because of his government involvement.

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