Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Defending your home = War on black males!

Only an oxygen starved liberal could make this wild leap into a wonderland where up is down and evil is good. You gotta read this.

The State of Florida passed a law which permits you to kill someone who has invaded your home and threatens your one would have a problem with this, right? I mean, you're in your house at 2am and someone comes through the window, you grab your gun and defend your problem? Well, there's a problem here - or so the idiot left wingers say.

Enter Chicago Alderman Dorothy Tillman, formerly of Pensacola, who said the law will "lead to open war on black males." and blah, blah, blah "It's almost a way to eliminate people. Black men will be under the ground more than ever." Well if they didn't break into other people's homes everyone would be better off now wouldn't they? I suppose she never thought of that. I mean, they do have a choice don't they? She makes it sound as though they have no choice, or maybe she means they have a right to break into your home, either way - how idiotic!!!

Well, if they have no choice but to break and enter then we will have no choice as armed and dangerous Americans to permanently rehabilitate them. Given the disturbing news lately about what these murderous subhumans (of any race) are doing to innocent people I would not hesitate for an instant to pull the trigger multiple times. Now, back to the story.

Where's Rev. Jackson when we need him! This is a racist allegation that shooting robbers is war on black males. She in effect is claiming all black male adults are criminals!

Dorthy Tillman is a race hustler supreme. She is spearheading the black reparations movement, and introduced legislation (that passed) requiring any company that does business with Chicago to incriminate themselves with any evidence that the company was in any way involved with the slave trade, with an eye towards litigation later on.

Now, the question I have is this. How can you take money from people (Americans living today) who have never owned slaves and give it to people (blacks living today) who have never been slaves? The proposal of reparations is just as asinine as the protesting of homeowners to defend themselves against intruding criminals.

Dorothy Tillman is alderman for one of the least developed and blighted wards in Chicago. She has been their representative for decades, and has improved nothing. If she really cared wouldn't she have done something to help blacks? What has she, Jessie Jackson, or Al Sharpton ever accomplished for the betterment of blacks? All they have really achieved is racial extortion and self-enrichment. THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING!

This is the same Dorothy Tillman who referred to modern companies who were also around 160 years ago as "slave owners." I think she disgusts me just as much as Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton which I never thought possible.

Unfortunately there are millions of whites (flaming liberals) who side with her in the ever soOOoo phony liberal style. If multi-culturalism, desegregation, and diversity are such great rules and ideals to live by, then why don't they (white liberals) live in black neighborhoods? I'll tell you why! They know that black neighborhoods are crime infested sewers. (Even educated and good successful blacks move out of these hell holes) The liberals understand that they would be prime targets in such areas because they act like and are juicy boneless victims. All criminals can smell a victim from a mile away so the liberals (who we all know could never defend themselves) must live as far away from these bad areas as possible.

Can you just imagine effeminate liberals like Alan Alda, Tim Robbins, or Sean Penn living in a black area? They wouldn't have a chance!

I can see it now, these liberals who crap their pants every time they see a black male would let their wives, mistresses or girlfriends confront the robbers. While the subhumans (criminals) are having their "way" with them they would try to under-staaaand the perpetrators. Maybe a big group hug would do it huh?

Their hypocrisy and ignorance just stuns me!!!


Comrade Tovya said...

Great commentary, I couldn't agree more.

newday324 said...

I agree for the most part but i need to see Exactly what this woman said & her reasoning... i would like to comment on a specific point....

"the question I have is this. How can you take money from people (Americans living today) who have never owned slaves and give it to people (blacks living today) who have never been slaves?"

BECAUSE..Hello!..many of the large corporations, banking instutions,& universities built their wealth on the blood,tears & lives of enslaved african americans.

Amerikkka grew prosperous from free forced chattel labor and the privileged have been passing the wealth from generation to generation. great,great grandchildren are born with silver spoons in their mouth & lead lives of luxury for no other reason than their ancestors were inhumane slavemongers.

Meanwhile generation after generation of ex-enslaved african americans still struggle to overcome the mutilation & devastation of slavery, segregation & jim crow.
just because you stop poisoning the well doesn't make it safe to drink....and yet 'still we rise!'

reparations doesn't seek to take money from the average working or middle-class white, but rather to level the playing field and right the wrongs of undeserved white privilege.

use funds from these instutions to allow every af. amer. to attend college for free, what they chose to do or not to do with the education rests on their shoulders. this is only a token compared to the billions & billions inherited by today's wealthy families.

Know Your History!!! do you know that most of the things that make american life easier today were invented by an african amer.?

Air conditioning- i know you can't live without that.
the brillo pad
the traffic light-HEllO!
even Cell Phone Technology was invented by a black man.
do some research , the list goes on & on

its not african american history..
its American history.

erinzdad said...

Hi newday324,

Not sure why you feel the need to educate (and flame) me on history since:

1. Your history is out of step with reality.
2. Most inventions were not by blacks. The air conditioner was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier. (A white male) See;
3. Dr. Martin Cooper invented the cell phone. see
That is unless you are going to try to tell us that these inventions were stolen from a black individual.

I'm not going to get into the rest of your rant because you've lost the argument already. Name calling and false facts disqualify you and you lose the debate by default.

Learn real history newday324 then come back for a more intelligent debate. I will listen, will you?

Good luck in life with that repelent 'still we rise!' (black militant) attitude!

erinzdad said...

Yep! Just what I thought - another liberal drive-by. No logic, no facts, just emotion.

Anonymous said...

LMAO, erinzdad, you owned that fool.

newday324 said...

Love how you ignore every fact that was stated about amerikka and how it aquired its wealth, and make 2 feeble attempts to try to discredit historical facts-

the technology for both the mordern day refrigerator AND the cell phone were invented by african american men.

just for your own 'education' which shows to be sorely lacking 'still we rise' is a quote from one of the most famous & award winning american poets alive today, and has nothing to do with black militantism.

As for NAME CALLING if you are refering to 'inhumane slavemongers'
then Oh Well, 'i lose the debate' by the 'rules' on whatever backwater, hicksville parallel universe you were spawned on,

that, by the way, Allows You to call names. 'subhuman' to be exact...
but if you want names, here goes:

try looking up the word ASININE, UNINTELLIGENT,& DUH & see if you & Anon's pictures are located there.

In closing i have learned not to waste my time arguing with IDIOTS (you) because it only brings you down to their level & they (YOU)win because of their vast experience....

SO CONGRATS! ya win.

erinzdad said...

I am familiar with "Still We Rise"
By Maya Angelou

She laments and pretends slavery is ongoing today. Part of her poem states:

Under a dead blue sky on a distant beach,
I was dragged by my braids just beyond your reach.
Your hands were tied, your mouth was bound,
You couldn't even call out my name.
You were helpless and so was I,
But unfortunately throughout history You've worn a badge of shame.

Trust me, she was never dragged by her braids by a slavetrader or slavemaster!

This is dishonest nonsense, and liberals will award anyone who writes about and bemoans the non-existent slavery (in the US) of black people today.

Now, let's get down to business. You still haven't proven your assertion that blacks invented the technology for air conditioning and cell phone technology.

Again, all you are able to bring to the table are insults and lies.

Whoever you really are mark this - YOU HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED!!!

When the truth is in direct opposition to your claims, then is a good time to reconsider your position.

My term sub-human is correct. Any one who breaks into the home of another to rob them or worse is sub-human. They lack humanity.

And yes, you lose the debate here. You would have lost sooner on a debate team in any college or university. The rules of debate are universal, and not just subject to my "backwater, hicksville parallel universe."

You lost the debate before you even came to this site, and you will continue to lose with that revisionist/oppressed black propaganda in your head.

Come, join the land of the living and stop blaming those alive today for the wrongs of the dead.

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