Monday, October 29, 2007

Illegal "Victims" - Stealing Disaster Supplies Americans Won't

The fact that illegals steal from those in need is not shocking, but the media's love affair with them is. They couldn't find any dirt on Americans during the fires so they had to take this opportunity to finger point and badger us once again about our "racist" tendencies. Let's compare and examine these two recent articles from the LA Times.

Six illegal immigrants arrested at Qualcomm

Six undocumented Mexican immigrants (read illegal aliens) were arrested today by U.S. Border Patrol agents at Qualcomm Stadium, after a report that they were stealing food and water meant for evacuees, according to spokesman Damon Foreman.

Then this story: Should be read with sad violins playing in the background.

Evacuations raise deportation fears

SAN DIEGO -- Flames were only one worry for some illegal immigrants in the fire zone. Equally scary (liberal hand wringing word) were the crowded roads and evacuation centers, heavy with law enforcement officers, including U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Some wondered if they would be deported if they went to shelters. (Oh! The injustice!)


Disasters can magnify the marginalized status of people here illegally. Seeking help can mean taking risks (like stealing disaster supplies?) and decisions can be informed as much by rumor and miscommunication as by facts and actual events.


Immigrant rights groups and the American Civil Liberties Union, however, claim that authorities have created a climate of intimidation... (do you feel guilty yet?)


The mere presence of Border Patrol was enough to scare off some immigrants. "Having people at evacuation sites in Border Patrol uniforms is asinine," said Enrique Morones, president of the Border Angels, an immigrant rights group. (Oh, the poor lawbreakers!)

The ACLU and immigrant rights groups claim illegal immigrants were subjected to racial profiling (read racism) at Qualcomm and were abused by some volunteers who questioned their legal status. (What an atrocity!)

Critics say local and federal officials should be more sensitive to how immigrants (read illegal aliens) might perceive things.


Is the LA Times biased in it's reporting? The criminal illegals are protrayed as the victims and Americans are the victimizers.

How were the illegals protrayed? They were:

Victims of racism
Victims of insensitivity

How were Americans portrayed? They were:


Why are Americans always the handy bad guys in these liberal rags? Not one good word was said about Americans. Don't they realize they are playing to a small audience and alienating the rest of us?

If they were professional journalists they would have gotten opinions from Americans who don't want to coddle illegals. All of the reporting was highly slanted in the far left direction.

The article by the LA Times above should have read: San Diego Fires Prove Americans Are Racist. Abusive, racist Americans is what this article is really about! They must keep the racial fires burning. It is not conservatives who are racist and this proves it!

Hey, Americans are you tired of being demonized by the liberals yet?


Anonymous said...

What's new? The traitors in the media always side with our enemies. I quit my subscription to the lefty press long ago.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick. I am so tired of Americans being made out to be the bad guys by the press.. thank you for posting this. Maybe if more Americans see this, they will wake up and put an end to it!

Anonymous said...

!estupid gringos go back to england! this is my land learn your history. the la time is the muy good paper. you are rascist. we are winning. go now. !!! ARRRRIBA !!!

RandyHunter said...

Hey senor ARRRRIBA - don't piss us off! I don't like your chances!!!

jessica said...

This proves once and for all that -


They should be rounded up and put away. They will be much happier with thier own kind.

Like pedophiles they are seldom rehabilitated.

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